No strangers to high-profile remix duties, Hard Rock Sofa and Nicky Romero’s next dance with the devil better known as commercial pop comes in the form of remixes for Ludacris’ new single alongside Usher and David Guetta.

While the Russian duo take ‘Rest Of My Life’ through the motions of uplifting melodics and their signature Electro House, Romero wraps up the package with a ‘Point Blank‘-like remix far more convincing than that of the original version.

Out today on Beatport.

15 Comments to “Release: Ludacris ft. Usher & David Guetta – Rest Of My Life (Remixes)”

  • imo Nicky adds nothing to this nice and commercial song.

  • From what I hear in this preview Nicky adds nothing to this nice and commercial song. Kinda like the Hard Rock Sofa one tho

  • You forget to say that Daddy’s Groove released a remix to. :o )

  • I hope one day i will be like Nicky Romero or Hard Rock Sofa!! You have a big power, you can help me to realize my dream, please check out my song, hit like, follow me, leave a comment and share to all socials!! You can make me happy only doing one of these things, Thx you very much!!

  • nrisen, by forcing others to listen to your music people wont..Let the people find your music by themselves and not by you shoving it down their throaths..This for example made me not listen to your tracks or click your link. Because it sets you of like a attention seeking amateur thats only after fame.

    There are several douches on yt that do this kind of stuff as well.

  • Nrisen first of all, all the time you spend spamming around the internet on your song that is obviously not good. Put that time in making music instead. That sounded sh*t basicly.

  • Nicky romero, seriously How many good track he made exceptly Toulouse & Camorra? Everything else sound the same or basic come on..

  • Except*

  • @BigBrother he has tons of older tracks way better than those. ”Play N Stop” ”My Friend” ”Switched” Along with tons of good remixes.

    His shit now is all copied straight from other songs. he lost that Romero sound. He lost me as a fan.

  • Ugh this is horrible.

  • You can say what you want about Guetta, but the original is better than all the remixes

  • hard rock sofa: definitely haven’t already heard that sound 100 times…

    nicky romero: nothing really impressive, kind of boring

  • The original sounded too much like Afrojack’s Can’t Stop Me.
    HRS remix isn’t their best work but I don’t dislike it.
    Daddy’s Groove tried something different but it lacks something.
    I think Romero did the best job. You could say it’s nothing special though.

  • this is terrible !

  • Hard Rock Sofa seem to have a set format for remixes which they’re applying to everything they produce.

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