A set-staple in their live performances over the past several months and first announced early last year, Sander van Doorn and Mark Knight return to reveal the name and release date of their long-awaited collaboration alongside Underworld.

Layered with speech-like vocals and a stern backbone of well-groomed beats, the apex of ‘Ten’ hits a semi-euphoric melodic middle-ground between the sounds that have defined their respective international rise.

Out March 4th on Toolroom Records.

Update (21/2): The official music video is up!

13 Comments to “Preview: Sander van Doorn & Mark Knight vs. Underworld – Ten”

  • This one is soooooo GOOOOOOOOD! <3

  • This is HUGEEEE !!!

  • SICK

  • HOLY SHITTTTT, finally some good real music. The vocal is amazing, compared to other house vocals these days. This track is a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would never expect some good shit like this released in 2013 :)

  • wawaweeeeewa

  • i have no words pure magic

  • “Man with the red face” meets vengeance RIse FX sample!! The vocal is nice though !

  • Yeah sure reminds of “Man with the red face”, epic!
    It’s BIG!! Can’t wait for the release!

  • Nice record

  • Wooow, I was expecting a lot from these guys, but this is WAY beyond what i expected!!!

  • finally something souding different coming from big names

  • this is a big one


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