Emerging from Brighton to the avail of a now globetrotting career, Tim Mason releases the follow-up to ‘Anima’ with uplifting peak timer ‘Swoon’. Premiered by Tiësto on the special (RED) edition of his Club Life radio show, Mason’s return to the realms of self-serving production comes off the back of remix duties for Zedd’s ‘Stars Come Out’ in the robust manner we have come to expect from the Size-endorsed producer. Decked in strong melodic progressions and his knack for pitting sharp synth leads against climatic drops, ‘Swoon’ looks sure to be a third strike of original success for the British hopeful in the new year.

Out today on Beatport.

14 Comments to “Release: Tim Mason – Swoon [Size]”

  • Awesome release!

  • intro reminds me of laktos. rest of the song is just in my mind with changed chords. weak release, but what else would you expect from size?

  • a bit disappointing from Tim Mason, i expected much more from this talented guy…

  • makes me smile. nothing more and nothing less

  • Number 1 on beatport in one week

  • Amazing! Such a great track!

  • qwerty : yeah nice troll ! congrat !

    Really good track from tim, love the progression in his tracks

  • Feelgood song

  • reallyy disappointed with releases the past 3-4 months. everything generally sounds the same people are running out of ideas everything with different styles of piano synths. havent been excited about any track releases in the slightest since before the summer. ‘hit it’ by digital lab is the only track im really excited for.

  • Hmm I guess it’ll have to grow on me. Some guy named Tom Swoon (hadn’t heard of him before) has produced some very Tim Mason-y euphoric tracks lately (remix for Chronicles of a fallen love & Phat brams). I like those better than this.

  • You speak about wating for real creative track, quoting Hit it, okai it’s a good track, but it’s not as if we already heard that kind of sound 1 547 962 before.

  • Bigbrother: I’m not trolling, i meant every word. Nothing special about this track at all, sounds like everything else these days.

  • Maybe you guys should look a bit further than just the beatport top ten, listen to this for a change: https://soundcloud.com/kolsch/k-lsch-live-panorama-bar

  • Insultingly unoriginal track.

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