Welcoming aboard mysterious newcomers Rusty Licks, Ministry Of Sound step away from the more commercial realms of Dance music to present a ‘Funky Vodka’-like House gem in the form of ‘Get On’.

With enough meticulous rhythmic play and ‘back-to-basics’ drum deviation to get even the older of aficionados excited, there is something inherently pure and unpretentious about this ballsy yet adept attempt to bring a little enthusiasm back to an industry far too busy replicating those immaculate wobbles and uninspiring synth leads.

More info on the release as we get it.

5 Comments to “Preview: Rusty Licks – Get On”

  • Great track!

  • Sweet

  • Sweet :-)

  • Greetings from London.

    Thanks for the support on our new track guys. Appreciate it :)

    Sam and Simon aka Rusty Licks

  • ”More info on the release as we get it.”?

    Its free for download!

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