Following remixes of ‘Can’t Stop Me’ and ‘African Drop’, Tom Staar returns to Afrojack’s Wall Recordings to aid Style Of Eye’s inauguration to the label with a new original track of theirs.

In ‘After Dark’, we see a different side from what we have come to associate with this Swedish-British duo. Rallying strong melodics and a seductive male top line rather than hammering beat work, ‘After Dark’ pays further testament to their ability to master more than one solitary subgenre.

Out February 25th.

22 Comments to “Preview: Style Of Eye & Tom Staar – After Dark”

  • This is what the people want, I guess.

  • Won’t go into the ”THIS SHYT IS COMMERCIALS!?!?!?!?” aspect of the track, but I think this shows the strongest sides of Style of Eye – if not in terms of the quality, then versatility. Definitely still one of the most underrated producers out there. Even though I detest the subjective ”conversations” of commerciality of music, I secretly hope his rise to fame would’ve been with his earlier stuff – to me this sounds like it could’ve easily been written and produced Alesso (or Seb, for that matter). Every recording that ever gets released is commercial. You can do it well and hold your flag, you can try out new things or you can ”sell out”, differing by definition.

    Overall this preview makes the track stand out at 2/5. I was going to give it three out of five, but I couldn’t distinguish Staar nor Style of Eye’s distinctive production techniques, so I took off some icing from the top for unoriginality. Peace out.

  • not what i expected at all…

  • although i too expected something different entirely, i like it more with every listen

  • i was hoping for a hardhitting weird ass banger but guess they wanted a radio track,

  • Tom Staars Pattern break and percussion techniques, Style of Eye type melodies and synths

  • This is better then most stuff released on Wall

  • It’s like no one even cares about the build anymore…

  • What John said.

  • Meh.

    I just wish he released Headlights. That, to me, was the perfect balance between a commercially playable track and Style of Eye’s sound. Oh well.

    (for the people who don’t know the track: )

  • Agree with the guy over me, headlights must be his best track. Still it’s not that wierd that he goes ”pop” or ”commercially” because afterall he produced many of the tracks to Icona Pop’s album, and both I love it and we got the world became very mainstream this autumn, atleast in Sweden

  • Wow ! Thanks for mentioning Hedlights. Didn’t hear about that track before but I love it !

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  • I love Style Of Eye. But this track makes me sad… Sorry

  • headlights is dope as fuck, screw this one. been replaying headlights on sc since he posted it

  • ok, but not more. headlights is freakin amazing tho! it’s available on spotify in sweden atleast,

  • This is a decent track for sure. No more than that. I love Tom Staar’s work with Kryder and I usually love Style of Eye’s work as well. But this disappointed me. How unfortunate.

  • I think this is amazing!

  • I agree with Fluff :-)

  • Am I the only one around here that loved it?

  • Without Vocals it is a great Track!

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