A sought-after staple in their sets over the past several months, famed Dutch remixers R3hab and Quintino unite to drop the release date and official preview of their remix duties for Tiësto’s ‘Chasing Summers’.

Chugging and churning with low-end riffage and mechanical beats throughout, R3hab and Quintino’s remix maintains the minimalistic, bass-heavy nature of the original while further proving that persuasive club fuel need not bow to the more obvious hallmarks that the global Dance explosion has consistently mustered.

Out March 5th.

19 Comments to “Preview: Tiësto – Chasing Summers (R3hab & Quintino Remix)”

  • sounds a bit like nari & milani and i like it

  • Hard to judge by the preview. This may well be a completely different song?

  • Boooring…sounds like every other song from Jewelz & Sparks -.-

  • LOL

    Nari milanbassline , CHECK
    Eric Prydz miami 2 atlanta snare – CHECK
    Nari milan signature snare/percussion, CHECK
    Whitenoise shepardtone riser, origin SHM – CHECK
    Half-copied fill from hard rock sofa-here we go- CHECK


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  • This preview doesn’t do justice to the great remix this track really is. I heard the entire track back in december at Life In Color : Miami when R3hab dropped it, it is actually really good!

  • zero creativity. sad that things like this get released at all. We want fresh and new house music!

  • is anyone else not able to play embedded Soundcloud tracks? Have to refresh to get it to work and even then it works about 50% of the time…

  • I can’t see anything that sounds like the original .. why do they even call it a remix? :D

  • It is a remix of the Chasing Summers, listen to this rip of it, the original melody of Chasing Summers comes in the breakdown! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk7tWjm-CdI

  • @man Check here Check there… and in the end it’s whole new track.. common guys.. you know you can’t change the game every year.. yeah i like fresh house music.. but there is only a limited number of instruments, notes, chords and even synthsounds you can use, which are….-> listenable.. 90% percent of music today is recycled.. and creativity is sometimes just mix old stuff in a new way.. yeah electronic music has a lot possibilities but not endless…

  • 100% nari & milani remake???

  • @AB

    99.999999999% of all remixes today is just the original mix with a different drop. But some Picasso producers out there sometimes spices things up by changing the lead synth. Pretty sure this isn’t an exception.

  • @Bruce Wayne

    True.. but remixing is to keep some integral part of the original, or did i miss something.. might it be the vocal or the lead stems… some even change nothing, they just improve e.g. Axwell .. but i see the point… it’s just those ”hipster” or ”i’m a producer i can use my ears” kinda think -> Meeeh it sounds like X that annoys me.. most of the time its just a close sound or the same scale :D

  • @AB

    Indeed. But an remix in my opinion is someone who’s doing RE-MIXING. I.e being experimental. All these ”different-drop-remixes” should really just be edits, IMO.

  • hahaha. LAME

  • No doubt that Nari & Milani created a new and impressionable style.
    Although it has no future…

  • This would be a banging track if Atom would never been released. However, that’s not the case. The lack of creativity destroys this track and makes it feel kind of ”plastic” for me.

  • Fuck them haters! this is epic!

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