Fresh off the release of ‘Andromeda’, Paris-based Arias returns to his own Olympia Records for round two with ‘Pegasus’.

With a blissful sound scope at hand, the French producer balances delicate melodic progressions with an ambient guise of stern chord play throughout this emotive club track. Without a single cheesy vocal sample in earshot, Arias sticks to his guns with yet another creative gem that highlights the essential talent that can still be found outside of the more typical regions of Progressive House.

Out now on Beatport.

7 Comments to “Release: Arias – Pegasus”

  • As usual with Arias… It’s beautiful, Masterpieces, again & again !!

  • Arias > Otto Knows

  • I don’t like too much this one

    I prefer Andromeda by far

  • he should be on pryda friends

  • Amazing!

  • a lot better than andromeda for me. great track. this guy is back with his full power


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