From the ninth of January through February 26th, producers from across the globe participated to form the world’s largest collaborative production in Dance music history. Divided into five parts, the 48-day-long feat saw well over 4000 people from 140 countries contribute with melodies, basslines, beats, breaks and effects, of which Avicii and the At Night team hand-picked a select and stellar few that was then voted upon by fans of the Swede.

Ultimately, the work of Kian Sang, Naxsy DJ-Compositeur, Martin Kupilas, ВahЯ ХakcИ, Jonathan Madray, Mateusz Kolata and Christian Westphalen received the highest number of votes, resulting in having their submissions part of the final product. Produced and assembled by Avicii, the resulting track, aptly titled ‘X You’, goes in the same vein of the uplifting, synth-laden sound scope that he has become synonymous with throughout his recording career.

Out today on iTunes.

21 Comments to “Release: Avicii – X You”

  • Massive respect to Avicii for doing this, but the track is really boring.

  • Jävlar vad mäktigt internet är numera. Sjukt cool idé. Måste dock säga att jag är lite besviken på resultatet, men allting röstades ju diplomatiskt fram så jag antar att detta är sånt folk vill ha numera. Personligen hade jag sett något mer outside the box. Kändes mer som att folk tog fram något dom visste att Avicii skulle gilla, och inte vise versa.

  • @Bruce Wayne +1

  • this should have been a free download

  • Cool idea, but boring.

  • people are always expecting too much out of the best artists :\ not every single release will be better than their previous-it’s a very good track imo.

  • @Alex

    Well, it’s their job. If you can’t handle expectations people will move on. But I agree, sometimes the expectations are to high. With that being said, some people settle with less. Avicii’s fans today are not the same as the fans 5 years ago. Fans will always eventually move on and listen to some new shit.

  • Really good fun idea, but dissapointed about the end result. Basicly it was ALOT of people who just tried to do something that they knew Avici would like, and since it was voting comptetion people just spammed around facebook,youtube,twitter like everywhere just to get votes…

  • wow this is a lame track..

  • Like everyone else said its a bit boring. The track could have used some other melodies thrown in by avicii himself to make it less repetetive but huge respect for the project at least. Hope he or someone else does something like this again

  • it’s not free because they are donating all the income to House For Hunger. btw a solid track, but the break is a little off imo

  • It was released yesterday @, u can get it by tweeting/sharing it on facebook as well

  • you will not get a download by tweeting/sharing, only a preview on soundcloud

  • I didn’t know that the song will be named X You, that’s just weird… Fans should choose the name, like they did with everything else about this song

  • LOL…truly a lame track! Is this all they could come up with with all those thousands of contributions for each element?!

  • Yuck.

  • My thoughts exactly I was hoping to hear something more interesting than your usual sylenth / nexus presets.

    4000 people taking part, that could have been amazing

  • If u like ”don’t you worry child” u probaly like this one two, lol! sounds very much the same!

  • The full track is on the main website, this is just a part of it

  • [...] more info [...]

  • Hitz For Kidz track :/

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