With Norway promptly catching up on its industry-leading neighbours, the country’s leading Progressive export Carl Louis and Martin Danielle return to remix duties with a strong take on Arty’s current Beatport #3, ‘Together We Are’.

Rife with the light, euphoric synths that pervaded last year’s acclaimed ‘Black Eyes & Blue’, the Norwegian duo’s poignant remix brings a key driven emphasis to their signature melodic developments. Aptly set for release on March 18th through Big Beat Records, CLMD add yet another Progressive House gem to their arsenal for the Miami Music Week.

Out March 18th as part of the official remix package.

21 Comments to “Premiere: Arty ft. Chris James – Together We Are (CLMD Remix)”

  • Wow, really great!

  • nice!!! finally seeing CLMD getting some recognition in some way

  • Pryda – Everyday anyone? Seriously, no originality these days……….

  • @bandis
    couldn’t agree more.
    nice that they put up the whole thing tho…SWIPED!

  • they used a completely different synth, but yeah if you look for similarity you will find. what i hear is that it’s a nice rework and goes well with the vocals. awesome summer feeling.

  • I agree with you guys, but we all know that CLMD are very creative, and thus, they could do better.

  • Sounds like Everyday a bit in the beginning but it doesn’t sound too similar so really this is stupid. Go bash people that actually have no originality– Or don’t cause you would spend weeks doing that.

    Anyway, sounds great, not a big fan of the melody at first listen but after being halfway through it sounds great.

  • * for instance the people signed to Protocol Recs right now

    Just checked out CLMD’s soundcloud, sounds lovely!

  • Really love CLMD’s melodies but their drops often sound messy.

  • Quality as always!

  • this year so far.. only liked all CLMD releases.. and like 4 other ”prrogressive” house / electro house songs

  • Both remixes are much worse than the original… Btw, this track sounds like this still unreleased Guetta & Afrojack collab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjq4EEOsecw

    The best thing about it, when that Guetta song finally comes out, everyone will say that Guetta ripped off CLMD…

  • Love their unique way of producing, so musically than everyone else

  • Damn. I love these guys too. But why rip off the chord progression of Eric Prydz – Every Day?

    Why? WHYYYY??

  • cant say nothing else than WOW

  • Wow, love this track! :) great job CLMD! you guys never dissapoint! Such a special feeling to every track you produce

  • True, in the same style ”Every Day” is way better. But the potential of the original track melody & vocal wise was not that big anyway

  • Great idea, nice sounds. But arent the mixdown horrible? I cant imagine playing this track on big speakers…The sub is WAAAY to loud and blurry.

  • @vanhooft their kick/bass are actually perfect and smooth. It is playing a big part in their productions, its loud and has alot of bottom but it doesn’t ruin the dynamics at all.

  • Just discovered the remix by The M Machine, why didn’t you cover that one?

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