Well over a year after the release of the original version through Chris Lake’s Rising Music label, Tommy Trash’s ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ returns for round two with a four-piece remix package for Deadmau5’s Mau5trap Recordings.

Calling upon the likes of Tom Staar, Nom De Strip, Zero Hero, and Tommy Trash himself, ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ is given an extended shelf life courtesy of this eclectic collection of electro-laden remixes.

Out March 4th.

9 Comments to “Preview: Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Remixes)”

  • Shit vad korta era texter har blivit. Har Anton slutat eller?


  • Oh man, Tommy’s own edit as well as the Tom Staar & Nom De Strip remixes absolutely SMASH it!!

  • wow, that Tom Staar remix is sick

  • Zero Hero Remix was fucking terrible.. Rest is ok, original is better

  • Staar Remix sounds like Marsch Marsch from Gold

  • they are all just awful imo, but if i had pick one from these i would go for tommy’s. but above all, there is the original luckily (:

  • Ohh Tom Staar, I love you!

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