Given an exclusive play on last night’s episode of Sander Van Doorn’s Identity radio show, Nari & Milani re-unite with Maurizio Gubellini to reveal the follow-up to last year’s ‘Up’ in ‘Vago’ for Spinnin’ Records.

Jumping between anthemic synth work, their iconic, minimalistic drops and attitude-filled vocals from Nicci, ‘Vago’ marks a continuation of the spree of high-energy productions from a trio who have not conformed to the more typical European mindset in the process of exploding on a universal level.

Out April 8th on Spinnin Records

7 Comments to “Preview: Nari & Milani vs. Maurizio Gubellini ft. Nicci – Vago”

  • i was hoping they would preview their other song

  • this sound is seriously getting out of control

  • sooooo huuuuugeee! Even better than Atom! :-) Looking forward for this release..

  • ok same sound and all that shit but its acctually pretty good considering vs the other stuff like rasputin

  • Nari & Milani always do it right!

  • gaah… this sound is so boring…

  • Boring

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