With an unprecedented discography of originals and high-profile remixes already behind him, Australia’s Dirty South drops his debut full-length offering ”Speed of Life” enroute to WMC in a bid to show the full potential of the album concept. True to its title and inspired by the different moods and energy surges of Dragan Roganović and the hectic global tendencies that saw the album created almost entirely on the road,” Speed of Life” is by very nature an album of musical balance. Despite being more commonly associated with an emotive peak time output through his Phazing imprint, the album looks forward rather than relying on the steps behind it.

”Speed Of Life” is today exclusively on iTunes.

Kicked off with ‘Gods’, a powerful yet melodic snapshot of Dirty South’s instrumental aptitude alongside Rudy, further unique snapshots ‘Until The End’ and ‘Your Heart’ match thick skinned composition with the uplifting vocal tendencies that Dirty South has come to hallmark, benefitting considerably from Joe Gil’s slick vocal assets. While tracks such as ‘Champions’ emphasize his ability to match the with club proof energy, the outspoken ‘Sunrise’ acts as a firm reminder to the sheer coherent latitude that has forged Dirty South as an image of creative substance upon the modern industry skyline.

Where others have used the full-length format as a dumping ground for B-sides and inconsistent collaborations, ”Speed of Life” is as much a journey piece in its own right as it is an aural landmark to the various dimensions of the Australian producer’s whirlwind career. In one of the more mature yet meticulous balancing of modern club fuel and upfront musical ingenuity, this full-length debut shows that far from burning out on the global club circuit, Dirty South has found creative absolution in the face of dance music’s alleged heyday. Balance in place and quality at a high, the life and times of Dragan Roganović are unlikely to slow down in the wake of this full-length landmark for artist and industry alike.

Words by Dan Carter

23 Comments to “Album Release: Dirty South – Speed Of Life”

  • howcome there no intro or outros on the tracks? will the beaport release feature full length tracks?

  • Wow. Had higher expectations.

  • He will release 4 or 5 full lenght tracks on beatport starting from 1st of April i think :)

  • @cowy thanks, was hoping for that :)

  • okay, I won’t buy anything from itunes.
    So I have to wait till 18.03.13 I guess?

  • From the previews of the few songs I heard, I was terribly unimpressed. It sounds like he made the album in a week if that.

  • Only complaint would be how reset turned out, but the rest is pretty damn great!

  • I really think most of you, who give negative comments didn’t actually listen to it.
    An album has to be listened several times to give your opinion in my eyes.

    And imo he did a great job here, nice melodic tracks. If you are looking for the usual boom-boom mainstage tracks like Atom/ Hit It or whatever, this is of course the wrong album.

  • Dirty south. OMG. You are the man

  • Finally some fresh sounds… Great album. Can’t really choose a favorite… But I must say between Sunset and Until The End.

  • Wow, this is simply amazing! Honestly, I don’t see how one can think this is bad…

    …But then again, everyone wants Wakanda and Rasputin shit these days…there we have legitimate boring stuff.

  • I’m really liking Someting Like You after several listening

  • I don’t feel this album at all tbh. It’s just your typical emotional-wannabe-coldplay-but-edm-tracks. It’s like his management was all like ”You Dirty! This EDM-thingy is pretty big right now. It’s probably peaking, soooooo we need a successful commercial album for you to drop right before all the festivals this summer. mmmm key? nice. talk laterzzz.”

    It would be way cooler if he’d be like ”F*ck this shit. Imma disappear for a year and then drop an album this winter when nothing is hot anymore. F’*ck y’all! I don’t give a f*ck about nuthin’! SUCK my d*ck and f….. okey too far. But you get the picture.”

  • As much as I love Dirty South, I have to admit, this is pretty boring stuff. I listened to the whole album some times, and I can clearly see a lot of overused synths and concepts here. Although I really liked Sunrise and Super Sounds & Your Heart, the rest is pretty much the same (except Champions and kinda Sunset).

  • Damn always the same problem with the album release. There are only radio edit. Still waiting for the album personally, I mean the full length tracks.

  • Pretty good album, imo it would be better if he collaborated with Axwell or someone and tried some new styles

  • Feels good to here something new for a change.

  • Just because the album isn’t festival-proof, doesn’t mean it isn’t well done. A

    Albums are supposed to be diverse and have a concept, which ”Speed of Life” clearly is/has. Conversely, AN21 & Max Vangeli’s album was awful. Dada Life’s album was garbage. Even Zedd’s album wasn’t that great, in my opinion. Just because you can churn out good singles doesn’t mean that stringing 10 of them together will make a great album.

    DS has put forth a commendable effort here, certainly better than I was expecting, given some of the LP attempts we’ve seen recently.

  • With this album, he is proving to the whole world what EDM is all about. It’s not only about club bangers but also emotional tracks like this one. It’s about love and compassion.

    I agree that he could have boosted the tracks a little, made som phat intros/outros aswell as rises before each and every drop but album is still gold.

    You can have you opinion on this album fine.. but the ones that hate on it, are the ones that only like BANGERS. This Is ‘Music’, bangers tend to not be.

  • Descent tracks but ”Sunriser” was really cool! :)

  • you should give Bruce Wayne his own apartment here on Beatmyday, ”The Wayne Files” cause he says smart shit all the time and he’s funny.

    this album is just a wannabe coldplay/u2 attempt, i’d rather listen to hardass electro tracks cause atleast thats made for raving, this is 12 year old american girl shit

  • Sounds pretty much like a lot of other ”edm” songs. Atleast all tracks were unrealesed, in difference from example calvin harris album

  • I must say it is an album that was well put together. The first time I heard it, i thought it was decent. But you have to listen to these tracks multiple times to get the feel for them. And overall I loved the album. This is the side of Dirty South that I knew was always there and he presented it perfectly in this album.

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