A year down the line from launching their ‘Relativity’ EP series with a strong four-track release, elusive Norwegian duo Lemâitre are back with an equally stellar third instalment. Teeming with the same ambitious sounds and intricate melodic stylings that have carried their reputation from the outset of their meteoric rise, ‘Relativity 3′ sees Lemâitre gain yet further momentum with a mature and meticulous release. Despite their lack of experience, this Electro-tinted release of energetic vigour and carefully constructed chord play shows that their somewhat short time on the scene has served their studio dialect incredibly well.

Out now on iTunes.

6 Comments to “Release: Lemaitre – Relativity 3 EP”

  • Why don’t these guys get more recognition?

  • Fluff, I wonder that too. Their stuff is so fucking fresh.

  • Been following these guys for a while now, they have always been this good, it’s ridiculous that they don’t have a larger fan-base. I guess it’s only a matter of time, hope they get a decent record contract on their first full album..

  • so good.

  • nice stuff from these guys

  • These guys are really good, but i dont like the vocalist.. the tracks they have made without him are so much better! his voice is not specially good and kinda boring imo..

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