Just when you thought the ‘Gangnam Style’ craze was over, the most popular clip in YouTube history is given an extended shelf life courtesy of Dutch-House protagonist Afrojack. No stranger to controversial remixes, the bonafide partyboy returns to the duties of remixing after taking on Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ for his official take of the PSY single.

Unsurprisingly swapping the entire instrumental of the original for his own, bleep-happy and grind-heavy sound, Nick Van De Wall complements the uninspiring vocal properties of ‘Gangnam Style’ with instrumental work that encapsulates the gritty energy that we have come to associate with Afrojack over the years.

Out today on iTunes.

10 Comments to “Release: PSY – Gangnam Style (Afrojack Remix)”

  • Is this a fucking joke? i dont usually like Afrojack’s stuff but i respect for the guy.

    First of all the track is horrible. Second.. the vocal and the track its not even in the same key god damn it.

    Really talk about not building the track around the vocal, jesus.

  • Any word on the official Diplo remix? I have a suspicion that his tweet from yesterday regarding ”shitty remixes” that he’s got going on atm was potentially referring to this one. I know he’s doing it with 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky, but it must be a bit awkward now that another song he’s affiliated with, Harlem Shake, has knocked Gangnam Style off of the viral top spot. Who knows.

  • what the hell is this

  • Nvm, I just found it.

  • Drop is good, rest is bad

  • sounds like really bad mashup

  • What the f*ck is this?… Where’s the version he played at the palladium??
    The second drop in that version was sick!!


  • I think he could give this track for free, even if I would not download it …

  • The little background noise at 2:36 is annoying as fuck and the song overall is pretty shitty.

  • just terrible, he had my respect untill he lost it last year when Lil Jon MC’d for him at miami. This as really just giving into the mainstream money making machine now. His remixes in 08-09 were good and his production of pon the floor great. But the lack off effort in this is terrible, the vocals really do hide the poorness of this track