Fresh out from the hospital and with ‘I Could Be The One (Nicktim)’ still doing the rounds, Sweden’s Avicii presents his next release in the form of one of this year’s official Ultra Music Festival anthems, appropriately titled ‘UMF’.

A staple in his sets for close to two years, the track we have all come to know as ‘ID2′ will be getting it’s long overdue release amid the hustle and bustle of Miami Music Week, adding further weight to Avicii’s Miami 2013 take-over in the process.

Out March 19th. Pre-order the release via iTunes.

The vocals of ‘Let Me Show You Love’ are not part of the release.

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  • The sounds are nearly the same like in I Could Be The One..

  • About time! =) Now give us let me show you love


    I remember this was previewed in November 2011 i think..

  • Anton, do you have some news/info about the release of Ash-let me show you love (Ash & Avicii’s hype machine remix) ?

  • Same tunes as Levels and I could be the one…

  • Kevin: Unfortunately not yet.

  • Finally this gets a release.

    First played almost two years ago in may 2011 on Groove Garden in Holland:

  • those new songs that he has been playing in his sets this year are dope. this is alright i guess. good to see him finally release some of his ids but this one is way too late if you ask me

  • Avicii is so pathetic, he’s been playing this song out since October of 2011. It’s so played out to real house fans, yet these amateur newbies will think it’s the greatest song ever.

  • I guess it’s ok, as long as it won’t feature any stupid vocals. But one production of his that I’m really excited for, is that track he played alongside Toca’s Miracle acapella at Summerburst 2012.

  • Very very very very disappointed…

  • Okai good track , nice to see some new tracks set to be released, but damn 4:36 c’mon avicii… Yeah what happened with that let me show your love, almost 2 years now, and the vocal sounds a bit different here.. waiting

  • sorry, overplayed and already out of time…

  • Got this one about a year ago, already so outplayed, ”let me show you love” would be a legit release indeed…

  • Smart move. UMF is THE festival for drunk white girls and tank-top scumbags with colored sunglasses. They’ve never heard of this song before.

  • Yeah, about time! I like that track, although he’s playing it out for like 2 years now… But I also wanna say that Tom Swoon under his earlier Alias Pixel Cheese did a very good job on his remake! But why does UMF have 2 anthem now (next to Air Guitar)? Doesn’t make sense imo…

  • Sounds cool, but I’m kinda concerned about the quality of Avicii’s latest tracks.. Seems as if his older releases had a much cleaner sound and a better mastering.. :/

  • MaxBisi: UMF has several official anthems this year.

  • A bit different from the version below, right?

    Can’t say I dont like this track, I love the way Avicii approach with his melodies… altough the mix in the preview is quite awful. I’m hoping that it’s fixed in the official release..

  • I have a feeling a lot of these djs are losing their hearing with this intense touring… im serious. Honestly there has been barely any good releases so far this year.. at least not from the BIG 3 (size,axtone,refune) …

  • I’m just waiting for Nothing Without You…

  • To mike and John, what do you talking about? There has been several great releases on these labels. For example Years with Alesso on REFUNE, Reload with Seb Ingrosso & Tommy Trash on REFUNE and Wakanda with Dimitri & Like Mike on AXTONE….

  • @Kevin

    They are talking about GOOD songs. ‘Wakanda” wasn’t good. Neither was ”Reload”. It was a decent generic tune imo. Years instrumental was pretty good tho.

  • shut up an’ stop bitchin. sick of people thinking they are the dogs bollocks and know it all … why dont you sit for hours on end and make a couple number one hits before you comment ssaying stupid things .. avcii has brought his own style to the table which is awesome who started out like many of us with just a laptop pc .. get the jelousy demon out of yourself and do one

  • You guys bitch about you knowing that track and everyone else being fanboys

    but then again… Liceu coming up on Size, size is going to have amazing releases this year, hopefully Tokio By Night.\

  • @David

    That version is a remake by the earlier mentioned ”Pixel Cheese”.


    An argument like that is unnecessary to make. For starters it’s so idiotic that ater reading it a actually considerd bulemia as treatment for it’s stupidity. To state that a track doesn’t hold the quality that you expect is a good thing, for you, me and the artist himself. The house scene wouldn’t evolve if critisicm never were given. And most comments about this track actually states the fact of Tim’s ridiculous realease speed is failing him. The fact that this track were made almost two years ago shows in the song, therefor it is very logical to call it outdated and really what do you expect, the track were made for the housescene two years ago, not today.

  • Please release the vocals or atleast Ash – let me show you love! Still listening to this after 2 years

  • This was once also called Levels 2, Fire and Sleep no? (all youtube names). Should have relaeased it around the same time as levels, all his real fans are now bored of it. Shit title for a track as well. this & Nicktim (Fuck School) were so fresh when they first started getting played but he’s releasing them way to late. Its not like how Axwell has massive tracks, because he doesnt constantly play them, whereas Avicii plays them in every set

  • Kevin says:
    To mike and John, what do you talking about? There has been several great releases on these labels. For example Years with Alesso on REFUNE, Reload with Seb Ingrosso & Tommy Trash on REFUNE and Wakanda with Dimitri & Like Mike on AXTONE….

    I mean this year, those which u mentioned all were decent but were they really great? I could take at least 30 tracks that were better then these last year.. Its just the hype your getting fooled by..

    I’m not saying I could do a lot better… however there are still a lot of great tracks to be released by axwell, alesso, even avicii has some but he will never release them because of his manager. Its also funny how avicii says his sound hasn’t changed at all.. it has changed.. and a lot because he started to be all david guetta-ish using other ppl to help him produce tracks because he can’t do it himself with such a insane touring schedule…

  • Just because this (disappointing) release is just coming out now doesn’t mean avicii is a bad producer…
    Get over yourselves people, if anything Avicii is a stategic marketing mastermind, and his official release of this incredibly old track is an astonishingly significant feat in the mainstream world of house music.
    Yes, I agree with all of you in the sense that this song isn’t anything new, and thus should not be categorized as something special; however, to many, this track is very new and will make many people who are new to this great genre interested in exploring this undiscovered world of music.
    Moreover, for those who believe they are true Avicii fans, they will understand that this entire situation is for publicity and that his new tracks are being slowly uncovered throughout his new sets.
    For those who do truly appreciate Avicii’s talents but have yet to tap into the great world of recorded sets, here is a few of Avicii’s newer releases, which have yet to be officially released, but are far newer than the songs posted in the review above!

    Avicii – All You Need Is Love w/ Ruth Anne

    Avicii ft. Mike Posner – Stay With You

    Avicii ft. Joakim Berg – Surrender (Not an official track – a rip-off a new Avicii track, however it is still better than nearly any other version available online…the official Avicii track will likely not be available for quite some time, and until then, this remake will have to suffice)

  • @Live Nudes

    I understand what you’re saying but an live rip of a track has in no way the sound quality that a studio version got.

  • @ Live Nudes: Agreed and i appreciate your comment!

  • Sounds like a soundtrack to any NES game.

    I think that all the hype that is around Avicii is built through ‘Levels’ and ‘Bromance’ and that automatically makes all his new releases great, even though in my opinion, it’s nothing at all special about it.

  • That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thkasn!

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