While all eyes may have temporarily fallen on his knack for writing off Italian sports cars, Dutch heavyweight turned audacious production maverick Afrojack comes out with his official Ultra Music Festival anthem of the year, titled “Air Guitar”. Dropping his usual bleep-happy emphasis for a concoction of darting leads and grinding chords, “Air Guitar” holds its corner as a fine Dutch house calling card to the stadiumesque properties now open to modern dance music. Setting in motion the anticipation towards his forthcoming full-length album, which is said to drop next month, this latest Ultra Music home run is sure to prove a peak time favorite throughout WMC.

Out today on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

15 Comments to “Release: Afrojack – Air Guitar”

  • I cant believe he doesnt feel embarassed about this one. Afrojack did some cool stuff a couple of years ago but nowadays I just feel bad about him.

  • this has been a long time coming. i quite like the track!

  • Unmastered?

  • I cant believe I actually like this.

  • did he forget the whole mixdown part?

  • The break is so empty.. Would it really have been thát hard to put an actual guitar solo or something in there?
    And I guiltily admit that I kind of like the drop.

  • u guys at beatmyday posted a qoute from afrojack some time ago about how it as all about work right not just hard, well, on this track afrojack hasn’t worked hard nor right. pure shite.

  • @ Frederik, I thought the same… Reminds me of my first track and it was really not that good. :D Afro should spend more time in studio than driving ferrari’s and crash into other cars…

  • This is bad even by Afrojack standards

  • Afrojack have got his 15minutes now, even tho he really never deserved it imo :(

  • It works on Festivals very well.

  • I see it working in festivals Like Luune said.
    and to be honest also i my car when I play this LOUD!
    yeah I like it :D

  • killen har inte gjort ngt bra sedan Take Over Control och Louder Than Words

  • Cookie cutter sounds, not even programmed in a rhythmic way, and a shit breakdown. Festival audiences are easily pleased and aren’t the most discerning, so don’t hide behind that. I can’t believe they’re calling this the ”UMF anthem.”

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