Fresh off the heels of an early 2013 remodel of her Leventina collaboration “Elements”, melodic Swiss outfit Dinka maintains the lions share of her country’s club-savvy pride with a four-track offering for Unreleased Digital. Descending from the upfront progressive stylings of “Never Let Go” through to diligent down-tempo offering “Spring Valley”, each track embodies the emotive edge and divine melodic aptitude that have made Dinka an essential asset to Switzerland’s promising talent pool. In an eclectic display of club fuel from across the industry drawing board, this modern house seamstress drops the upfront vocal aptitude in the name of outspoken euphoria and a well-rounded view of the modern industry skyline.

Out today on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

4 Comments to “Release: Dinka – Closer EP”

  • Very good! But sounds like Arty.

  • you mean arty sounds like dinka? learn your house man

  • Very good melodies. Good EP !

  • The first song definitely sounds like Arty! Good tracks anyhow!

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