Fresh off a well-received performance at Ultra Music Festival and with ‘I Could Be The One (Nicktim)’ still doing the rounds, Sweden’s Avicii has released his latest single in the form of one of this year’s official Ultra Music Festival anthems, appropriately titled ‘UMF’.

A staple in his sets for close to two years, the track we have all come to know as ‘ID2′ has seen it’s long overdue release as part of the Miami festival’s official soundtrack album, adding further weight to Avicii’s Miami 2013 take-over in the process.

Out today on iTunes.

11 Comments to “Release: Avicii – UMF”

  • Finally! Been hearing this one in all his sets for the last 1,5 year.

  • Det var fan på tiden

  • T his is actually really good, but is that the extended mix? Thought it would be a bit longer..

  • Festival banger. Avicii has secured another two years of as a festival headliner.

  • Not the extended mix. Are you kidding me?! we will have to wait two more years for the extended?

  • The full single release is April 4!

  • Source?

  • Wow that breakdown is cheesy as fuck, sounds like smurf hits or somehting. Decent track otherwise

  • grabben har ju inget hår kvar

  • Haha what is he doing…? Man, I fucking loved Avicii’s tracks until he started fucking everything up. Putting vocals on everything, such as ”I could be the one”, and now fucking this song up with some kind of, just like ”qwerty” stated, ”cheesy smurf breakdown”. Just waiting for some of hit shitty vocals for this one as well.

  • OMG the released version sounds totally fucked up :(
    Where has Aviciis Creativity gone? Really, really sad.

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