In the aftermath of his highly-acclaimed Pryda Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, renowned Swedish master of the melodic anthem Eric Prydz is yet to rest on the laurels of his Pryda moniker just yet. Following a lot of teasing and countless appearances in his sets, ‘Power Drive’ will see its eagerly-awaited release on April 1st through his own Pryda Recordings.

Bringing his A-game in regular Pryda fashion, the stern emphasis on melodic progressions and vintage charisma marks an exciting extension of the uplifting club hallmarks that have seen the Swedish heavyweight reign supreme over the past few years.

Out April 1st.

23 Comments to “Preview: Pryda – Power Drive”

  • Huge!

  • Might be worst release on Pryda ever. Imagine an A-side with SW4 and a B-side with Power Drive. Yikes.

  • Ahoi. Does someone here know about the offical forum on ?
    I cant login for quite a qhile now and want to know if any other person got the same problems with getting access to the forum.

  • that host was dickriding with no shame. it s not a bad track but this isnt masterpice of the highest level either

  • lol on pryda dick lool.

    pryda is one of the producer i actually respect though

  • fucking piece of shit this is. and EMI took EP forum down, because prydz couldnt handle the truth namsayin

  • What exactly are you talking about Ruben by ” could not handle the truth” ?

  • Pryda always had big room tracks in his repertoire, released and unreleased. How come nobody was bitching when Animal was released? In any case, I didnt like this one on first hearing but in the essential mix it rocked my world. There are all these 2013 HIT IT, WAKANDA, CANONBALL, JOYENERGIZER electro drop bombs which are very simple, maybe too simple – this is Eric’s way of saying, screw you guys this is what a real 2013 electro bomb is.

    Plus the arrangement and the fake drops are brilliant, especially live.

    Pryda <3

  • Hahahaha it’s so pathetic seeing you all shitheads rumbling about this phenomenal track! Go listen to dubstep and be douchey-idiots elsewhere.

  • yes the forum is down I dont know why =/

  • The melody reminds me of Tim Mason – The Moment! But it is very captivating! :)

  • 1. This is not the best track ever done
    2. This is not the worst track ever done

    It’s a decent track, and most importanly a bit innoative. But – I think it’ll grow on you, as most Pryda tracks tend to do.

  • Massive track. Went nuts at Ultra when he played it

  • this track is one of the worst I ever heard from pryda. What about all the good ID’s he has? Why is he not releasing for example pete tong ID, untitled, annexet ID etc.????? Why did they shut down the forum?

    It’s going downhill with prydz quickly, should never have signed with EMI

  • this track is so fucking huge. fuck all of you who denies it. Go listen to Levels or Spaceman

  • this track is AWEEEESUMMM

  • When will he freaking release Rotonda!?

  • @cop

    I want Rotonda bad tooo!

  • I frickin love this track, the melody is just so freaky and evil, its pretty damn insane imo.

  • To the people saying that we who do not like this track should go listen to dubstep and electrocrap, that’s exactly what this track reminds us of…

    We want dark, melodic pryda-magic like Ironman/Armed/Europa etcetcetc. And he has tons of goodies that were way better to relase than Power Drive.

    Tracks like Snaz, Pete Tong ID, Fabric Test, Rush, Border Control, Clapham and Games are still unreleased, but Prydz chooses Power Drive?!!

  • @heutZe Power Drive is equally good with the others. It may be a little bit different from his usual style, but still it is amazing. Anyhow, he said that he will release an actual album, right? (as Eric Prydz presents PRYDA was supposed to be some kind of compilation, rather than an artist album) So, I suppose he holds some goodie-goodies for that time.

  • @Ruben you need to learn the difference between subjective and objective opinions.. grow the up, dude… also, stop fuckin around on the axwell forum. Just enjoy the music, i think this is one of the better prydz tracks, love it !

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