Having already made glowing marks upon the first quarter of 2013, the road to Chris Lake’s hotly tipped debut album for Ultra Music signals the release of latest solo exploit, “Oh Shhh”. A vivid cross-section of peak time club fuel with a strong Dutch influence, Lake’s follow-up to “Black Thong” alongside Michael Woods matches the versatile punch of peak time merits that the global industry has come to expect from his quality studio output. In a promising middle ground between scatty electro house and melodic festival fuel, the British producer seals a promising indicator of the shape of things to come with this pre-album performance of pitch pervading ingenuity.

Out today on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

6 Comments to “Release: Chris Lake – Ohh Shhh”

  • Lol, love the cover

  • Wtf is this shit? The guy normally makes incredible progressive?

  • Thank you for the amazing posts, Beat My Day. It’s time to go.

    This Dan Carter dude used to be cool and had a fresh approach to writing about dance music, in comparison to all the other sites that were out at the time, but now his repetitive and pseudo-intellectual writing with overly long and complicated sentence and paragraph structure just annoys me.

    The reaction I’m anticipating is most likely going to be something along the lines of ”don’t like it, don’t read it” – which is reasonable, I agree. Thus I’m going to look for another place to read about releases and continue to look for the real music myself. After all, how many of the songs on the front page would I have not heard of anyway?

    I wish the very best to everyone at Beat My Day – and again, thank you. It’s been a pleasure. Take care.


  • what album, totally missed that out?!

  • :D

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