After years of avid anticipation and a stint of clever marketing, Parisian electro icons Daft Punk has unveiled that their hotly anticipated fourth studio album, Random Access Memories, will be released on May 21st. Confirmed for release on Columbia Records, the album will feature collaborations from Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder among others, providing an eclectic 13-track extension of their inspirational reign upon electronic music.

Pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Update: Another 15-second commercial, featuring music from the album, has been released. Also, vinyl and CD pre-order is now available on the album’s newly launched website,

Words by Dan Carter

18 Comments to “Daft Punk to release new album ”Random Access Memories” on May 21”

  • YES !!!


  • 17 May in Swedish iTunes Store.

  • Will it be released on vinyl?

  • They are gna school all these commercial fags and show them how its done!

  • I’m wondering if they can fulfill the expectations?

  • The prize on the album is way too big, must be a mistake. It’s set for 215 Norwegian kroner, which is about 30 euros.

  • a lot of ppl will be dissapointed lol

  • Yeh this will disappoint a lot of ppl who only remember stuff like One more Time, Aerodynamic, Around the World and RObot Rock. I feel like its going to be a lot more discoey/french house, will just isnt all that mainstream

  • Davidsen: It’s 289 SEK for the LP/Vinyl i suppose, and 99 SEK for the Album CD.

  • @Ivan same track.. just a different part.

  • Rumours. But they might play live tonight at UMF at the end of the evening.

  • Finally!!

  • @Roasten

    How funny wouldn’t that be? Everyone’s attention is on SHM’s ”last” gig ”ever” and then all of the sudden Daft Punk shows up and are like ”SHM WHO!?!??!?!?”


  • @Davidsen

    That must be for the vinyl.

    The site gave these two options:

    Random Access Memories (Vinyl)
    Includes digital album download code and LP size booklet. 180 gram double vinyl gatefold.

    Random Access Memories (CD)

    The CD is only 10 euros. But I’m not sure if it’s only a digital download or if it’s hard copy

  • Edit: If you preorder the CD you do get a hard copy

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