After the success of weekend one, Ultra Music Festival is back streaming live from the second weekend of the acclaimed Miami festival’s 2013 edition courtesy of UMF TV and YouTube for those unable to make the journey to the Florida city. Having kicked off last week with a blazing three-day event at Bayfront Park, the second weekend will once again summon fans from across the globe to sample the globes finest Electronic exports across seven stages.

Current time in Miami –

15:00 (3:00 PM) – Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (Main Stage)
15:50 (3:50 PM) – Modestep Live (Live Stage)
16:20 (4:20 PM) – Dash Berlin (Mega Structure)
16:50 (4:50 PM) – Azealia Banks (Live Stage)
17:10 (5:10 PM) – Bingo Players (Main Stage)
17:55 (5:55 PM) – Major Lazer (Live Stage)
18:20 (6:20 PM) – Sander van Doorn (Main Stage )
19:00 (7:00 PM) – Dirty South (Main Stage)
19:30 (7:30 PM) – Armin van Buuren (Mega Structure)
20:15 (8:15 PM) – Alesso (Main Stage)
21:00 (9:00 PM) – Ferry Corsten (Mega Structure)
21:30 (9:30 PM) – Swedish House Mafia (Main Stage)

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  • Too bad you missed UMEK, he was KILLING it.

  • I couldn’t believe Eric Prydz didn’t play ”every day”. I was waiting for that the entire time, but I still loved his performance.

  • The current time in Miami isn’t correct at the moment, it shows CET time for me.

  • Loving the new Avicii stuff. Finally some refreshing sounds!

  • Mannnn I wish I was there!

  • you guys that missed avicii..Wow he is going down a wweird mainstream road :/..He played folk/country/rock tracks in his set from his new album..

    it felt like you just could turn on the radio instead of listening to his set..It felt more like a rock/folk/country-band songs than a electronic music..Sure there were a lot of good vocalists on them, but I was so surprised because it didnt feel like dance music at all..

    And im saying this as an old avicii fan =/..

    I think his manager brainwashes all the kids under atnight management..the same story will probably happen with cazzette

  • luciano is orchestrating the masses right now. i fucking love him

  • @Yo how can you say that folk music sounded mainstream? lol everyone always finds a way to bash Avicii, his set was different which is what people always wanted him to do and he is still bashed. I thought it was awesome, so many different elements.

  • @DanSTS Word, Lucianos set was probably the best set at UMF.^

    @Jesse I think it was fun that Avicii did something new, but it is an EDM festival. That was not EDM or at least not what the fans wanted…

  • I’m so sick of this new kind of ”Avicii-Haters”!

    Has anyone ever noticed, that the real commercials are DJs like HRS, Swanky Tunes and R3hab? The tracks they come up with two or three times a month are without doubt the most unimaginative music I can ever imagine. They’re only into making money and don’t care, if their tracks have a special feeling! (It’s not the bad sound design, it’s just the bad music)

    Avicii is not even close to mainstream! Every track he has been producing so far ist different. Every track has it’s own character. I hope he doesn’t care, even if some haters try to bad-mouth him in every opportunity…

  • okey maybe mainstream was the wrong word, though he is ”mainstream” he is like one of the biggest djs in the world at the moment, if thats not mainstream I dont know what is..However my point was that It did not feel like dance music was what he was playing..Sure it probably is catchy etc but the structure of the songs was like verses with vocals etc…Im an old avicii fan as well, but you need to check his set to understand what I mean..It wasnt like country/folk influences it was like he was playing tracks straight up out of that genre

    So probably good but did not feel like dance music if you get me

  • Avicii sucked as usual. UMEK, Beyer, Pryda and Carl Cox killed it! Didnt get a chance to se Luciano since I fell asleep, but they are showing a replay right now :) Carl Cox atm

  • Jakob: I agree about HRS, Swanky and r3hab. They all suck so bad and are just spitting out mediocre tracks all the time. But I think Avicii plats in the same league as those. Those album tracks he played last night, how long has he worked on them? 2 weeks? 1 month tops. Shit

  • Don’t like the direction Avicii is going, dafuq why country on a dance music festival? But it’s cool to see something new though. And yeah r3hab and Swanky and so on they just do it for the money and pump out those mediocre tracks :P

  • When is Cirez D playing?

  • wtf??avicii set is shit!

  • ”Avicii is not even close to mainstream!”

    …what did i just read

  • Where can I listen to Pryds set now? Link?


  • @emilllll So what? Who the fuck cares? hahaha

  • @Bandis, Cirez D is playing tonight 04.00 PM (which is 9′ o clock in Stockholm GMT). I really wish they’ll broadcast his set! So many new ID’s

    That second track in Prydz set last night was really cool, if someone recorded the set, please upload to youtube!

  • @David, thanks a lot! Here, the Prydz set from yesterday. Full tracklist and souldcloud link all there.

  • My fucking god Luciano is a true god.

  • Eric Prydz ”Wow Ultra! Thank you for letting do my thing on the main stage. Love you guys ♥ #Techno2013″

    i cant even imagine what he’s going to do as Cirez D today :o

    one of the best performance at Ultra so far

  • Was Lucianos set recorded?

  • Will you be posting the tracklist for the sets?

    Hug it out
    Mr P


  • You guys are idiots btw. I love the new Avicii songs. Hope y’all bandwagon fans will found some other artist to jump on. Avicii is back.

  • Oh and you all might laugh at this, but im pretty sure Avicii is up for an grammy nomination for 2014.

  • @Bruce Wayne Yeah, for best country recording.

  • @Bandis

    ignorant analysis. That ”country” track was written by Mac Davis. The man who wrote several Elvis Presley hits. This album is going to be something else.

  • I agree. It will be something else. But that something won’t be ”dance” music.
    As far as I can hear, it will be far too commercial. His album, that is. I respect the fact that he tried this new thing with the ”band” and the singer and all, mixing genres, but I don’t hope for much. Still, final judgement will come at release day. Which will be… 2020? Nah, that’s too early.

  • @Bandis

    The album is due to drop right before this summer or late fall. Which seems logic since the album is already flying around in cyberspace right now. And from what I’ve read, he’d never said that this was going to be a strictly dance album. He’s smart enough (Or atleast Ash is) to know that a dance music album only up-to-date for 1 year? Who even remembers POFTN? (That shit sucked tho) This is far more crossover. That’s why he’s been working with people like Nile Rogers, Mike Shinoda and Mac Davis. Avicii even said ”No one’s doing this approach to the electronic music” Amen to that.

  • As I said before, and I shall say again, final judgement will come at the time of it’s release (or leak, whatever comes first).

  • On another note, can someone please explain what the heck was Slash doing at Chuckie’s set?

  • @Bandis
    may be they’re working together on a new song?or just for money

  • just home ( too late) I heard Chuckie was better then last weekend ?

  • Oh sorry about the dead link, feel free to remove it.

    Anyway; I dig LBL’s mixing skills, but where the hell is the Cirez D livestream???

  • I didn’t know Krawella before.. but their set was INSANE!! Jumping through genres, singing passionately to their own and other’s songs, live.. That was a mind-blowing performance! Still breathless :)

  • Did anyone get to see DALTON from New York live???? That guy destroyed a set I saw him at a little over a year ago

  • What’s the name of the track played during the break between sets?

  • Deadmau5 is killing it !

  • Everyone wants to be big, the biggest DJ but no one wants to be mainstream.

  • It’s called Sidney Samson – Move but kinda remade, anyways please stream Alesso today :P

  • hey guys from beat my day, you can add this to the line-up…

    Dirty South – 23h00
    Armin van Buuren – 23h30
    Alesso – 00h15
    Ferry Corsten – 01h00
    Swedish House Mafia – 01h30

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