Keeping with the tradition of showing a new side of his sound with each release, Turkish producer Ummet Ozcan has once again hit the nail on the head with ‘Here & Now’. With ‘The Code’ and ‘The Box’ still doing the rounds, ‘Here & Now’ sees Ozcan up his game with a track that follows in the refreshing festival stylings of said single releases. Showcasing a minimalistic sound scope of booming bass and glitchy, standalone lead play, ‘Here & Now’ is as thoroughly impressive as it is indicative of the true potential of high-octance dance music done right.

Out today on Beatport.

17 Comments to “Release: Ummet Ozcan – Here & Now”

  • Where are the comments ?!!! C’mon easily one of the best tunes this year,Ummet is growing fast,well done !

  • ”cowy” because the track is nothing special :d

  • I really like this track!

  • Been following this guy for awhile!! insane!! youtube w&w id electro zoo and youll here an unreleased track by him!! been waiting for since last year!!

  • Great! Finally something different. Really feeling the break!

  • Someone who knows track ID ?


  • So fucking heavy!

  • Easily one of the best track by far this year! A Huge Bomb! Can really feel the bass

  • How can you like such garbage?

  • Bandis: because music is individual, you stupid fuck.

  • Everything is individual. As is opinion. And mine is that there is not even a second of quality in this track.

  • agree with bandis..Why do beatmyday post this?

    Btw what happened with all new posts and updates, bmd have gotten really slow lately?

    In addition, does anybody know when the eric prydz forum will be up againa?

  • här händer det inte mycket..

  • maybe artists didn’t wanna pay anymore to get their music up on the site

  • where’s all the new posts? bmd on vacation? :(

  • Keep up the posts BMD, I feel myself going to DA now. This track is insane btw.

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