As far as Swedish producers are concerned, few have touched on the same streak of brilliance as Alesso. Still on a high from last year’s remix of Keane, his return to remix duties spells yet another melodic remix for a rock band. This time, taking on OneRepublic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’ from the band’s upcoming studio album, ‘Native’.

Referred to as his possibly best remix to date by Alesso himself, the Swede utilizes Ryan Tedder’s unmistakable vocals with his signature blissful melodies for what is safe to say will go down as yet another peak-time triumph.

Out now on Beatport

Update (May 7): The official video has been released and can be watched below.

14 Comments to “Release: Alesso vs. OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix)”

  • just amazing …

  • Great track!
    Alesso is a brilliant producer.

  • wrong picture, track wasnt released on refune

  • Besides ”Let Me Feel”, this is probably my favorite release so far this year. Amazing.

  • thought it was coming out on refune? any info on what happend there?

  • This track (with this Alesso Remix) is released ONLY ON Interscope Records! Wrong picture, by the way. And what you are watching?

  • The preview (which was uploaded officially by Alesso on his Aoundcloud) had Refune as the label aswell as Refune on the cover art. I also vaguely recall Alesso stating in an interview that it was coming through Refune.

  • Mixing/Mastering is real crisp on this one. Sounds good on any speakers!

  • just a fucking amazing track. my favourite so far this year by far, lost count how many times I played the preview

  • Nice, but sounds to me like the Kick doesn’t get the space it needs to push the track. Making the track louder does not solve it for me.

  • @purtnit its hard to make the kick stand out in a such uplifting track when its so many layers of everything i think he did a great job mixing it together.

  • this is ok typical alesso but i like symphonica better so much unique

  • This is a absolutely cracking remix by Alesso as proven by the instant number one on beat port. Infact I love this song so much I have included it in my latest top electronic tracks!

  • Shit, detta är så cheeeeeeeeeessy. Förstår inte hur ni kan hypa så mycket.

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