First unveiled in the second episode of their Smash The House video series, Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike unite with Miami’s GTA and homeland duo Wolfpack for ‘Turn It Up’.

Catering for the bigger sound systems that the global festival overhaul has made so readily available to artists new and old of late, ‘Turn It Up’ looks to continue Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s on-going onslaught of minimalistic peak-time tracks.

Out on April 9th through Tiësto’s Musical Freedom.

21 Comments to “Preview: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA ft. Wolfpack – Turn It Up”

  • Shame You Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA, Wolfpack !!!

  • Like this track !
    I thought you BMD’s guys were tired making new posts, I’m happy to see news :)

  • Why shame on them Cowy?

  • Why ?! When they are going to stop making the same songs over and over again ?

  • ”Hit It!” anyone?

  • This ”track” is sooo poor. Aaand again a big shame to BMD’s staff that decreases posts and the same as everywhere bullshit music over and over again.. Where’s the the pure quality music?

  • lol haters will hate. yes it does have a similar sound as Hit It! GTA is on the track. i love when producer/djs have their own sound that you can recognize without even seeing the title. exactly why afrojack, alesso, deadmau5, pryda, avicii are so big. they have there own branded sounds. this song is absolutely deadly song!

  • Unremarkable in the wake of ”Hit It”.

  • Haha booboo31 you really dont know the true meaning of ”signature sound” …Gta’s signature sound…with 2 same songs…this isn’t even their real sound,you should listen some of their previous works.

  • well this sounds absolutely like poor version of Hit it..

    Need to step up your game, instead of screaming profanity on mics DM&LV

  • Why are you guys barely posting anything? Seriously been slackin lately!

  • Seriously, two tracks are similar its called style, this track is gigantic. Hear it for what it is, be glad they kept the synth from hit it, its bloody brilliant.

  • A mix between the intro of GTA & Diplo’s ”Boy Oh Boy”
    & the drop of ”Hit It”

  • On another note, Dan Carter, besides writing for Beatmyday, is also writing for Beatport and Dancingastronaut.

  • Ok, it is obvious that there are similarities between Turn it Up and Hit It which is by the way in my opinion one of the best Big Room Tracks for a long time. But it is not a copy. When we look at the Progressive/ Electro House Releases today and in the past years we see that many new upcoming producers but producers who are longer in the scene as well often use the same synths again and again. When we look at the Electro House releases of for example Spinnin’ Records in the last year nearly every sounds the same.

    I think the second drop which is not in this preview is better than the first and of course it is not as good as Hit it!

    Just my opinion

  • Hit It was an abomination! Seriously, pure garbage. This though, as much similar as it is in terms of ”instruments”, is much better. It actually makes sense, and has a nice pattern on the lead. Not the best thing that I’ve heard, but definitely a lot better than Hit It.

  • More originality guys …

  • @cowy lol rookie. Whatever man, arguing over forums is silly. To each opinion his own.

  • Distorted Kick, we meet again.

  • Dunno why they are putting so many names on it. Sounds like pure GTA track… it is for better sales right ?

  • this is horrible

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