Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash’s acclaimed collaboration ‘Reload’ was undeniably one of the leaders among last year’s Progressive House anthems. In its original form, those captivating synth lines and creaseless breaks made for one of the essential moments of any reputable DJ set, marking that Ingrosso and Trash was a match made in heaven as far as the club floor was concerned.

Close to six months down the line from its instrumental release, ‘Reload’ is given an extended shelf life courtesy of the vocal talents of famed Swedish House Mafia vocalist John Martin. Officially premiered as this week’s Essential New Tune on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, the new, sing-along friendly version of ‘Reload’ is sure to be music to the ears of those who craved a vocal cut or simply missed it first time around.

Update: The release date is set for May 10th.

50 Comments to “Preview: Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash ft. John Martin – Reload”

  • Also a good way to screw up an otherwise great track :(

  • it’ll grow on people, like the calling vocal mix

  • även solen har sina fläckar.


  • Fuckingell you lot on this website are NEVER. Happy. It’s great, stop whinging.

  • Michael Burrow +1

  • Calling vocal mix never grow on me. I instantly loved it though it was maybe a bit pop-ish. But this vocal mix is no masterpiece in my opinion.

  • this is so lame, no energy at all…really disappointing

  • Release date set for May 10th… holy moly… I really don’t get it when tracks are previewed and hyped 5 weeks before their release date especially in this case when it’s simply a vocal treatment to a track that’s already existing for a few months anyway.

    Axtone and Refune are continuously dissapointing me by holding back the release of their tracks for such a long time. They will soon have the same reputation as Le7els regarding that fact. I really don’t get it.

    Props to Hardwell who seems to be the only one of the really huge artists atm who continously releases tracks of his own and of other amazing producers through his label. He shows how it should be done.

    At least DM & LM found out again that releasing their tracks isn’t such a bad move.

    Sorry for my frustration, but I am pretty sure many of the true fans of EDM feel the same way I do.

  • Reload w/ Save The World works for me the best. in my opinion it’s just stupid to release a vocal version of a track 8 months after release of the original

  • I never liked calling at all. It does not bother me that they have released a vocal version. But I really loved this track. It disgusts me deeply. And then, Reload will become a good commercial shitty track. May 10th? Okai I’ll listen to the instrumental 28x a day to be tired as quickly as possible until this day before vomit hearing it in all radios every days.
    Angry & Seriously disappointed.

  • Another way to ruin a track.
    Another way to make more money.

  • The first live clips I saw of this vocal mix actually seemed pretty nice, but hearing this was a real disappointment. Not that bad, but not the banger I’d been hoping for. But hey, Ingrosso said it clear and loud in an interview with SHM that the vocal tracks is for the girls who needs to sing along, the guys could rave either way….

  • why so much hate? why dont you pick that up and go make yourself a track so powerful as this one and others that you guys hate so much? cmon its just a track, dance upon it and have some fun…

    not sure if haters or jealous though..

  • its OK not bad or shit or terrible… but we all know Sebastian can do so much better.

    I dont think the vocalist fits to the track as good as he did on save the world for example but who cares

  • Don’t like the track, don’t listen it, you like the track listen it.

  • Just another example why this website should really cover more of those good releases at Toolroom and other House etc. Labels. Can’t stand the hype for a fucking vocal, which they needed half an year for. No offense, but please show us a the more housier side of you! Steve did the step by making a new label, this is your chance to follow! DO NOT MISS IT SEB and AX!

  • All commentators forget that beatmyday is just for huge amounts of money! There have always been posted mainly shit tracks by big main maistream music names.. There has long been a lack of high-quality music…. Just commercial ”pop-house”. BMD’s crew is in the ass and works not for fans and works only for a DJ/Producers and managers for promo and money, oh yeas huge money.

  • sania: That’s news to me since neither Jesper or me have personally made any money whatsoever doing this. All income is tied to the site. Better validate those sources you’ve got..

    purtnit: We covered the majority of all Toolroom releases released last year?

  • Repeat. Your content is loading mainly by big names (~85%). Most of labels allows you to upload what can you bring per cent. And as we can see, a lot depends on the content uploaded daily. We can not unable to confirm officialy or see because we do not know ”staircase” as it happens :) and do not see your e-mail (etc), but it’s obvious!

  • ^^ dafuq did i just read?

  • Um what Sania?
    Anyway this is the kind of music bmd blogs on. also anything released by a SHM member (and Tommy Trash <3 to a lesser extent) is fairly big news. This vocal version was pretty highly anticipated, and even if it didnt turn out as amazing as was hoped, people still want to hear it to judge for themselves
    Keep up the work Anton and Jesper, wouldnt mind if u posted a little more regularly tho :)

  • So forgot about this vocal track anyway, Axwell is apparently going to release Center of the Universe soon. OMFG
    Check his twitter, been going nuts about. BMD please report about it, regardless of what @sania will think

  • Is the picture in the article the cover of vocal version or just random artwork?

  • for those complaining about the negativity on BMD, this track got just as bad response on dancing astronaut

  • Marquee tells the Trueth!!!! I also dont understand the ” Huge Artist” of today, destroying a really good Track only to have vocal version and release it 6 Month or longer later… the Money rules… If the release- management will go longer this Way ( so long holding back Tracks, etc) the people must not wonder when no one will listen to it any longer

  • @Anton I really love this website, but in terms of tech, house and so on… there is so much more going on this genre then those Showtek, HRS and Spinnin releases.

    For example Mark Knight ”Your Love” is out on April 22nd or Juno Stacks Forthcoming ”Wanting You”.

    I miss those Mixtape posts.

    I dont want you to change that all, but more to have a lot more variety.

  • Det är helt SJUUUUUKT hur lite Sebastian Ingrosso har gjort själv i sin karriär. Under sina 14 år (!!!!!!!) som aktiv har han gjort bara gjort nio (!!!!!!) sololåtar.

  • haha, someone finally called out BEATmyDAY…nice one sania!

  • Sania is funny but correct!

  • @sania and any other haters
    If you guys don’t like the site go to a different fucking website. You know what this site is offering, I personally love it. You wouldn’t go into a chinese restaurant and demand a weiner dog. If you want a website that focuses on tech house then find a different fucking site dude and quit your bitching.

  • Another butchering of a solid track. Ugh.

  • It’s a shame that Anton and Jesper have done so few updates recently. They’ll have their reasons I’m sure, but it’ll cost them readers. Off to Dancing Astronaut it is, I hope that BMD will be revitalised soon

  • It can’t be that hard to do a write up for like 5 tracks a week? like you know that Ivan Goughs Boom came out today, as well as Vago, Marlo’s Boom and I’m sure a few others, wouldnt be hard to do the write up ahead of time and just post it when its up? Any as Bruce said Dancing Astronaut it is for me too

  • Yeah, where’s the updates? Steve Angello’s Essential Mix? Pete Tong’s Essential Selection? Other new mixtapes? And releases\preview’s ofc – I’m on here like 10 times a day, and now it’s been days since the last update – it’s just sad!
    Hopefully BeatMyDay will be back

  • Beatmyday is the only one and I know of website where have so many haters…

  • I would never understand why people have a problem with vocal versions where it ruins the instrumentals. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. If you hate the vocal mix listen to the instrumental.

  • Back in the days I ALWAYS hoped for a instrumental version of a track. Vocals almost always ruined it in our oppinion.

  • I absolutely adore this song at the minute and have included it in my recent top 5 electronic dance tracks. Seb, Trash and John Martin… What a treat.

  • UK release date: 30th June

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