Following on from the preview of ‘Power Glove’ earlier this year, unsuspecting chart sneakers Knife Party are back with another sneak peek of their four-track ‘Haunted House’ EP – the highly-anticipated follow-up EP to last year’s ‘Rage Valley’.

In a hard-hitting yet meticulous display of their gritty electro house sound, ‘EDM Death Machine’ hits home the rawness and unparalleled quality that this Australian duo has pushed from day one.

The ‘Haunted House’ EP is reportedly set for release this month. Apart from ‘EDM Death Machine’, the EP will also include ‘Power Glove’, ‘Baghdad’ and ‘LRAD’.

20 Comments to “Preview: Knife Party – EDM Death Machine”

  • ‘EDM’ sounds like an STD.

  • Wow!

  • omg

  • Brutal drop! WOW

  • What. A. Tease….I’m so damn pumped!

  • These guys are @#$%ing amazing. I can not wait for this

  • We can’t wait!

  • We can’t wait!


  • indeed! that drop is going to be heavy

  • thats not even fair ! …. just another 10 seconds, please :)

  • Funny thing how the new Death Machine sounds like: (Made in 2011)

  • that shit is going to be siick at all i cant wait anymore

  • Wait Dylan are you saying that 2 songs in the same genre sound alike?

    Spoiler: I’m being sarcastic and you’re a whingey cunt.

  • Whoa Dylan – Knife Party copied your poor edit of reptile??!??!?! You must be huge!

  • everyone who said something about the ”DROP” are a bunch of band wagon jumping fags. all you care about is the heavy ass sick intense drops of dubcrap. go back to your rap and other brands of shit music please and lets get EDM back to where it was

  • to dylan: you’re retarded. that doesn’t sound alike at all beyond a rather old school industrialistic intro.
    nick: go fuck yourself too. EDM doesn’t need to go backwards. go forwards beyond the dubstep movement. dubstep theory is a great tool and unfortunately it’s become it’s own genre. that shit is a break at most. never a full song. don’t ever talk stupid shit about ”going back to where edm was” cuz edm was in the absolute shitter before dub step brought it back to the limelight. just move forward, chief. better yet lets enjoy the influence edm has had on real music. muse, radiohead, awolnation, and countless others have used these production techniques to great effect. backwards? fuck you, chief

  • YES!

  • omfg, ITS AMAZING! chilllllzzzz! knife party never disappoints.

  • nick: you are soo stupid. you bash people using the word ”drop” for being bandwagoning, while you use the term ”EDM”. pretty self-contradicting

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