Fresh off the release of ‘Long Way From Home’ alongside Sultan and Ned Shepard, Dutch heavyweight Fedde Le Grand is back with an extended preview of his slamming, new record, ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin”. Tried and tested at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last month, ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ sees the Dutch DJ and producer turn his back to the heavier side of dance music. Decked in whirling synths, pulsing beat work and the usual twists and turns of a Fedde Le Grand-branded production, ‘Rockin’ N’ Rollin” looks to cater for the bigger sound systems that the global festival overhaul has made so readily available to artists new and old of late.

Slated for release April 22nd through Flamingo Recordings..

16 Comments to “Preview: Fedde Le Grand – Rockin’ N’ Rollin’”

  • EDM Bullshit.

  • Tony Romera- PANDOR

  • Not every drop with 1/6 note bassline is Pandor, that was just the first track sounding that way which made it big.

  • like it a lot

  • What happened to Fedde? His productions in the last year and a half have been shit. Sad. Last decent track was the Digitalism Remix with Deniz.

  • Så jävla fet!

  • He’s going way too electro. Not saying the stuffs hes producing is bad necasarily it just isnt FEDDE. check out his week 2 UMF, so many mainstream tracks u dont expect from him. Wish hed give away his insomnia bootleg

  • denna låt är ju bara för sjuk

  • Fedde Electro Sellout.

  • not saying this is a bad production, but not what i expected from fedde.

  • @Kerl In what way was Tony Romera the first one to do triplets? Deadmau5 have been doing that for years

  • FLG is actually pretty massive DJ and producer of course. But where ever he wants to be a shit ”EDM”… It is therefore more likely to be in the electro/electro-house sounds and works as his performance.. Previously, he played and produced really high-quality House music. Let’s go back to the past what was then his work.. His old singles will never be old, even better than Axwell. FLG for the president all the time!

  • @Tom Tony Romera was the first one to use it in that way, with a dry bassline. Not saying others haven’t used triplets before ;)

  • Can’t fucking stand this bullshit electro sound. these guys need to stop playing at these huge festivals where you have only 12 year olds on molly and enjoy this crap…What happened Fedde? I used to love your ” house-y ” sound….right now you’re ripping DAFT PUNK. You just lost a fan my friend. Hope I can hear some good quality HOUSE MUSIC again from you… until then..#MEH!

  • Don’t hate on Fedde guys. :) Yes, we miss his top quality HOUSE MUSIC on playing and producing, but he is amazing!

  • @Adrian how can you speak ill of daft punk you daft fucking punk.

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