Long-serving Dutchman Sander van Doorn and Spinnin’ Records darlings DubVision join forces with American duo Mako to reveal the name of their much talked about collaboration as ‘Into The Light’, formerly known as the mysterious, unidentified song that has appeared in Sander van Doorn’s sets of late.

This newschool/oldschool affair of poignant synth play and soft vocals from Los Angeles singer Mariana Bell marks one of the stronger contenders for the Miami seasons.

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  • don’t feel this one..

  • Best track in a loooong time

  • 22:45 23:40 Mr. White23:40 00:40 An21 & Max Vangelli00:40 00:50 Innerspace Moment00:50 02:20 Fedde Le Grand & Martin Solveig02:20 03:30 Juan Sanchez & Daniel Sanchez03:30 04:40 Afrojack04:40 06:00 Sander van Doorn At the moment we are trniyg to verify with Sensation and to make sure the artists are all ok with being broadcasted.

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