Having given their their legacy amid Drum & Bass a successful extension to the realms of gritty Electro House and Dubstep for the masses, Pendulum side project turned unsuspecting chart sneakers Knife Party are back with the release of their follow-up EP to last year’s ‘Rage Valley’.

From the screeching synths and mechanical beats of ‘Power Glove’ and ‘EDM Death Machine’ to the revamped VIP version of ‘Internet Friends’ to the minimalistic peak-time stylings of ‘LRAD’, the ‘Haunted House EP’ hits home the rawness and unparalleled quality that this Australian duo has pushed from day one.

Out today on Beatport.

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  • Last one hit it!!!!

  • edm death machine is kinda interesting. others are fine but internet friends is very boooring by now

  • Edm Death Machine är så fruktansväääääääärt töntigt. Fast å andra sidan är det väl bara 15åriga gamers som lyssnar på Knife Party?

  • the EDM death machine drop is massive, the rest isn’t anything new

  • Strong EP! EDM Deatch Machine got something extra.

  • EDM death machine drop is so fresh i love it. LRAD is like an Epic/Wakanda mash up, but with a knife party touch. I like it, but I hope its the last hardstyle kick drop i hear

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