Holland’s Bingo Players are well and truly Dutch House music’s ‘mixed bag’. From early breakthroughs alongside Chocolte Puma to their vocal anthem ‘Cry (Just a Little)’, the daring duo have thoroughly enjoyed the realms of clubbing limbo with little sign of a typecast or predictable common asset to their name. Adding to their already affluent imprint Hysteria with impressive pace, Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten are evidently no closer to singing their musical souls on a single aspect of genre.

But following on from the popular ‘Out Of My Mind’, Bingo Players strike back with a new original track in the form of ‘Buzzcut’. Uniquely bending the temperament of their heavy-laced drum play, ‘Buzzcut’ builds on their already assorted collection of gems with another piece of the puzzle for this consistent duo’s studio output.

Slated for release May 20th.

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