If the past decade is any indication, Axel Hedfors, best known as Axwell, is by all accounts a dance music icon of the highest calibre. Be it his widely known perfectionism or simply his vast creativity and uncanny sense for what’s a hit and what’s not, but an Axwell production has never had any problems in finding its spot amongst the créme de la créme of club music anthems.

But more than three years in the waiting, Ax ups the ante to preview the remode version of his eagerly-anticipated solo outing ‘Center Of The Universe’, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Heart Is King’. As given a world premiere spin on tonight’s episode of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, the remode of ‘Center Of The Universe’ sees Axwell well in his element with a mix of resonant melodies and the renowned top line courtesy of Swedish singer-songwriter Magnus Carlson, replacing the original’s blissful synth work to create a slightly heavier-set version.

The remode version will be released on May 30th.

48 Comments to “Preview: Axwell – Center Of The Universe (Remode Version)”

  • I hope he releases the good old original as well.

  • nothing special actually. beatmyday just did a fucking long description about nothing as axwell is ”great”. no hate.

  • well played, ax, well played

  • What a tune !!! I love this !

  • Like it

  • This is fantastic

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  • Don’t know how any one would say that there is nothing special about this song !!! if this isn’t something special then what is…. this is true house music my friends that takes you to another level in your state of mind <3 perfect mastering perfect vocals perfect track thanks for posting :)


    Feeling some Tom Staar & Kryder vibes here…

    Would love to see a NO_ID remix too

  • @walterd
    Did you actually listen to the song?

    There is absolutely nothing you can hate on this fabulous Remode in my opinion. Well done Axwell

  • PURE PERFECTION !!! KING IS BACK !!! For all you kids,go listen to your electro dubstep shitty poppy tracks and live leave the good music to a good listeners and real fans !

  • I am so happy right now. Was expecting some boring same old swedish big room synths but was pleasantly surprised with this!

  • omg that amazing feeling of house music !! and of course a high quality track

  • Rolando – Knights Of The Jaguar anyone?

  • Nice vibe, nice percussion, nice groove. The breakdown chords are pretty lame when they are played solo but the fit very well with the build up. The only thing I really dislike is the vocal. Super cheesy and the doesn’t fit the breakdown. Im hoping for an instrumental.

  • this is so nice!

  • walterd is mad because there’s no big room drop, he’s probably like 15 yo old. I feel for him

  • finally, and Axwell single!

    altho, I prefer the first version of this track, hopefully that will see the light of day aswell

  • Man. a Remode mix too? This is gonna be amazing! I always loved his Remode mixes, they had this ”clubby feeling”. At last, Axwell is back! :-D

  • axsome :)

  • If you still listen to a rip of the original from 2009, and although the remode is good, I have very high hopes for the original release!

    Can anyone here really (if you have listened to the original) say that they like the remode more? Couse Im not.


  • We find Axwell of 2006 2007.

    This remode in an air(sight) of Axwell de Dirty South’s remix – Let It Go.
    And I like very much!
    Axwell is a king !

  • Heart Is King

  • @Oskar: Maybe a few weeks after the remode but of course it will be released. Original + remode and maybe a classic mix? Remodes are for clubs and originals to listen at home and for the radios but I listen to them everywhere cause they fit perfectly in different moments of a day/life. Both versions are perfect, same as with Together, IFU, NBL… Saying you like the remode, original or classic more is like saying you like your son more than your daughter; not possible, hahaha. That’s just one of the reasons why IMO Axwell is the number one out there. Always top quality, always fresh, always better than the rest…

  • finally!

  • I LOVE THIS SOUND!! Away with all the ‘Atom’-tracks and the chainsaw-basses, this is real!

  • Finally someone brings old house back!

  • Im pretty sure he’ll be releasing the Original Mix as well as with the Remode . There was a teaser of the original mix on the ‘Where’s The Party?’ preview on youtube .

  • Remode > Original

  • Axwell is a boss, early contender for release of the year in my eyes

  • I’am a massive Ax fan, i like this tune… but unfortunately this is just a rip/remake of ”Aztec Mystic – Night Of The Jaguar” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6LYncH_b3U

    more creativity please, you can do it better ax!

  • elmoo nothing this days is new, you will always find something similar to it. at least this one is a little bit similar to something different and not to what everyone is producing actually, which is absolutely boring and repetitive. if you are talking about creativity axwell is the man. i don’t think you’re a fan or now much about what’s going on with actual electronic music. you sound more like a troll

  • ya i got your point, but isnt it very similar to this track? you will alway find some similar things in nowadays productions, because it has been all already given in the past. but that’s why I expect more from ax, the is so talented and creative… he can do it better! dont get me wrong, the sounddesign ist masterclass as always…

  • it’s a little similar cause u knew or just known about jaguar and u’re saying he’s creative and talented cause u probably don’t know about any tracks that where made before his older works and sound like them… the thing is that this is fresh in a scene where all that producers expect is to make a track that sounds like some other one on beatport’s top 10 without having any legal issues to try to sell a few copies. axwell would make more money and work less by putting out a track that sounds like in my mind, calling or atom with a few new elements and no one should complain because actually every track that comes out sounds like another one that came out half an hour ago and everyone seems to be happy with it. let’s focus on what this genius is doing for the scene and not on hardly trying to find a track that has a sound that could be similar to one on his latest work. u can also create something and afterwards realize that it has some sort of similitude with something that already exists or even get some inspiration from something really good and different without affecting your talent at all…

  • this is why I have looked up to this guy since I started listening to house.

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  • Cant w8 for the ‘Original’ being released, pure magic .

  • I never thought that we get COTU that early after the SHM split!

  • There is already a released Remode by Xanti


  • Yes!!!

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