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Some have chased the American Dream relentlessly, others merely scoping its widespread charm. Surreal standings aside, Tim Bergling’s duty remains the balancing of two familiar themes amid the great club resurgence. Despite mustering a select storm of uproar from the more close-minded sects of the once underground culture, his journey from the ranks of invisible Swedish hopeful to the face of modern Dance music and its extension into designer fashion has been as all embracing as it has emotional. Taking a break from the wanderings of his North American Le7els tour, the Swedish icon retraced the far-fetched footsteps and dream-like endeavours that have seen him inaugurated into the hysteric world of universal floor fillers.

True to the top line of his latest single ‘Silhouettes’, Avicii has come a long way since his time on the beat as his nations best-kept secret. Assisted by the equally motivated mind of the At Night executive and prolific industry professional Ash Pournouri and the drive to excel the sterling reputation of his Swedish peers, Bergling became something of a new age ambassador to his craft at the blink of an eye. ”It wasn’t until Electric Daisy Carnival last year that it suddenly hit me: There were 80,000 people in front of me going crazy for my tracks,” he explained. ”That was an overwhelming moment for me, almost like a dream that I thought could never become a reality.”

Found posting his music on Swedish forums as early as 2006 only to receive a unanimous wave of silence, his drawing on the heartstrings of the club-savvy generation alongside such allies as Madonna and Ralph Lauren was no overnight maneuver. Between 300 live appearances and a breakthrough record that made 2011 a game changing year by any standards, the uprising of Avicii is found in that well-rounded consistency that translates through the speakers and the airwaves alike.

But in the age of overnight solutions and technological slobbery, this steady graft of globetrotting and studio work has been the root of every gain attributed to the Swede, fixing Avicii as one of the most proactive assets of the industry to date along the way. ”Given the happiness this work ethic has brought me I cannot help but swear by it,” laughs Bergling. ”Taking the time to put in the work allows you to produce better tracks and develop a unique working market. Once you get past the stress and tiredness that everyone has at some stage in their lives, the result is always going to be phenomenal. If you wake up every morning ready to work hard at something that makes your world spin round then to my mind you can only succeed.”

While our original intention had been to bypass the subject of this strong-serving mark on Bergling’s premature career, Tim dutifully accepts that in tracing the story so far, the union of infectious synth work and the late Etta James has been crucial to the bigger picture now associated with his Avicii moniker. But far from his peak, ‘Levels’ would be merely the awakening of a universal breakthrough for the unsuspecting Swede. More impressive than his global notoriety is the enthusiasm to which Bergling has awoken within the American market. Brandishing high-profile remixes for Madonna and Lenny Kravitz in a bid to echo the stadiumesque presence he now commands, the overall enthusiasm of his stateside peers at such headline slots as his New Years extravaganza at Pier 94 or the array of global festivals Bergling now frequents cannot be ignored when summing up the physical and spiritual ground the Swedish producer and this industry have taken side-by-side.

”America has always been a great starting place for something to grow and expand within,” explained Bergling. ”You just have to look at the way the country has tuned in to Electronic music to see that it is moving towards something very special. Europe will always be the place where it started for me and I will never forget the loyal fan base that I have there, but the opportunity to take on such a vast country and receive so much enthusiasm is something that I didn’t think any DJ would ever experience.”

But with Avicii, there is a sense that every big push forward comes with a wilder undertone. From moving stage elements to groundbreaking visual elements, the North American leg of his ‘Le7els’ tour has gone down as one of the more riveting initiatives since the mouse head of Joel Zimmerman broke the mold on intense visual shows.

Bergling explained: ”My hope was that this would be an experience no one has ever witnessed before in live Dance music, not even close to the scale of the production that we had before. We premiered the stage show at Coachella, but there were a lot of elements we could not use because of the festival setting. This will bring a new dimension to the energy that I feel Avicii represents.”

Between the high profile his arena-driven onslaught of musical evangelism lays a sense that Bergling is not afraid to challenge the boundaries between the club and its once opposing realms of popular music. Despite drawing the line with a legal battle between Simon Cowell’s Syco label after they inadvertently pinched the concept behind his ‘Fade Into Darkness’ single, Bergling remains positive that within the merging of these two allegedly contradictory elements in music lies a positive future for his craft and those as ambitious as himself to utilise.

”I feel like what people negatively dub to be ‘mainstream’ is actually a really healthy aspect of the scene as it shows that the industry is moving forward and becoming a strong industry again,” he explained. ”The most important thing for me is to make music that I am proud of rather than putting all the emphasis on airplay and charts. I have always said that I would work with big artists and pop stars – but it has to be perfect. People may have their own ideas about my work, but to me selling out has never been on the agenda, so long as your soul and enthusiasm are still on the table then reaching out to such wide audiences can only be positive.”

Popular accolades aside, doubts surrounding the creative integrity behind his image-conscious live spectacle were countered with his latest single ‘Silhouettes’. Calling upon fellow countryman Salem al Fakir, Bergling’s underlying commitment to melodic and emotive music that both utilises and transcends his strong Progressive House background signal that against all odds, that flame for heartrending moments still burns in spite of industry’s rapidly shifting hallmarks. ”This was the track I was born to make,” he admitted. ”There has always been a focus on melodies and vocals, so to bring them together is like the epitome of the sound I am out to perfect. Salem’s angelic voice was exactly what ‘Silhouettes’ needed to make this track the epitome of what I want to stand for.”

Ditching the typical chauvinism more commonly associated with that of the superstar DJ, the trials, tribulations and pitfalls that come hand-in-hand with earning your stripes as one of the globes most devoutly followed contenders have not shifted that sense of courtesy from Bergling’s creative outlook. Instead, there lies a spiritual quest within the Swede’s dreams to enrich the industry and inspire the masses of likeminded aficionados that hold him in such high esteem. ”So long as I am making a living and remaining happy then it is the dream job for me. The huge shows and intense support from across the globe are a huge deal for me, but being happy is at the heart of why I do what I do. Without a sense of enjoyment and pride in the music, none of it really matters.”

While a vast array of clichés follow the ranks of childhood dreamers who attain their wildest dreams, the billion dollar industry has proven a vital platform for Tim Bergling to execute the most universal amalgamation of his craft without hitting upon tedium. Still wired to the road ahead and driven to dictate the playbook of global success for aspiring producers and DJs across the globe, Avicii remains the product of raw ambition and a quest for happiness that has been balanced within every surge forward, however grand or miniscule. Bergling explained: ”I am blessed for the opportunity to work this hard at something that genuinely gets me up in the morning.”

As the world remains volatile, modern Dance music emerges as one of the more tangible realities of modern culture on offer. At the helm of flagship rendition of the fruitful potential of the 21st century club paragon, Tim Bergling’s youthful exuberance may be the crucial weapon in this overshadowing legacy stretched across the studio, floor and festival alike. With his first residency on the White Isle of Ibiza at the prestigious Ushuaia beach club underway alongside a stack of exclusive festival appearances throughout the summer, this balance of scenery suggests that amid his game changing pastimes, it is a genuine sense of pride that has spoken to dancefloors across the globe.

A young leader among the likeminded dreamers of the electronic renaissance, his legacy is one of painstaking progression that makes the prospect of iconic succession all that more human and invariably attainable when armed with the right heart and the ability to light fires in the hearts of the most unsuspecting avenues.

Photo credit: Joe Gazzola, Pax Engström & Rukes

Words by Dan Carter

Following up on our latest exclusive free download Johan Wedel – Playdoo, here’s a brand new interview with the French shooting-star duo French Government, in which they tell us a bit about their own sound, way of working and much more! We’ve also had the honor of hosting their huge track That Fat Swing as an exclusive free download for all of you guys! Enjoy and don’t forget to grab yourself a free copy of this banger!

Nice to have you back, Mickael and Gregoire! What have you been up to lately?

- It is always a pleasure to Beat the Day with you guys, answering some questions.  Since the last interview, we kept each other plus our passion for music and moved to the next level concerning the rest!  You know, we’ve been changing gear, muscling our sound, finding new influences, setting new goals and approaches in our music adventure. We’ve been changing our management and labels.. We try to be open-minded and think about the future.  We now are Radio FG resident DJs, we have a good collaboration with established imprints such as Cr2, we’re preparing new tours, have album projects (with pop bands, and solo) and stuff… :) Cool times!

In our last interview with you guys you mentioned a track called Toboggan, what’s the status on that one?

- It is quite simple: Toboggan was the original name of the release Latin Stock Options that came out a couple of months ago, together with Desperate Traders. These two have been followed by Panoptica, Swench, Love Is Remix, Believe Remix and more.

How is it working in a duo like you guys do?

- It is a lot of trust, friendship and complementarity and it is a huge strengh, day after day, track after track, gig after gig. We are really attached to this ”band” feeling.

How would you guys describe your own sound and way of producing?

- What is really important to understand about our music is that we are not emprisonned in one specific genre of electronic music. We want to give to best of our creativity and musician skills in progressive, the same best in techno, house, electro-pop or whatever we fancy. But this has nothing to do with freestyle. It is innovation. You will hear it in the next releases. :)   Regarding our workflow, it just changed. We are actually trying to move to a process based on live performance and more creativity. We have fun with the beats and create melodies and mixes between genres up until we find a loop we are satisfied of. Then we work on the structure and the journey feeling we want to deliver. It is like creating a beautiful car and then decide on what road you want to drive it.

Your old production Shining Heart was presented a while back with vocals, can you tell us about the collaboration with Ann Bailey and track itself, has it gotten any release date yet?

- Shining Heart’s vocal release is coming very soon but we can’t give a precise date, sorry. It will come with a remix from Mikael Weermets. Ann Bailey is a great singer and a very nice woman.

Top 5 tracks at the moment?

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Vangosh – Deeper Love (Tommy Trash Remix)
Dj DLG feat. Kinch – Tie Me Lightly (French Government Remix)
Michael Woods – Nitro
Digitalism – Blitz
Arias & Nael Atess – Alive

What would you like to achieve as producers and DJ’s? What are your plans and thoughts for the future?

- This answer could have been the longest because there are so many things we want to do. But let’s try to keep it clear and simple: we want to be the best DJ, producer and live act. This doesn’t mean the most famous. We just want to give our best. We commit to that idea and are confident in the good results to show up :) We have done a lot but have even more to learn, that’s what’s exciting.

Finally, you’ve been kind enough to be lending us your track That Fat Swing as a free download, can you tell us a bit about that one?

- That Fat Swing was made during our first Swedish Tour in May 2010, in Stockholm. It will not be released on a label. People have been liking it live (the first reactions at Stockholm’s Solidaritet were crazy!), asking for release… and sometimes it is nice to reward our fans’ support by giving them a present :) We chose Beat My Day to deliver it because you guys are passionated about music and are promoting the young international scene the right way. So thanks for that! Much love to all.

Exclusive Free Download: French Government – That Fat Swing (Original Mix)

French Government – That Fat Swing (Original Mix) Exclusive by Beatmyday

French Government’s Facebook fan page

/Anton & Jesper

It’s been a while since last time but now we on Beat My Day are back with another exclusive interview. This time with the talanted Swedish DJ/producer Johan Wedel. Except this extraordinary interview we have received a massive EP including two versions of Johan’s amazing track called Playdoo. He made it for 2 years ago and since the project was lost he decided give it away for free right here and now! Enjoy!

Hello Johan! Make a short presentation of yourself, age and so on!

- Hello Beat My Day! My name is Johan Wedel. I’m 19 years old and I currently live in Gonthenburg, Sweden. I work as a music producer/DJ but also with graphic design and photography.

You’ve grown quite fast in the house music industry, what’s your secret?

- I think the main reason is creativity, it’s very important to me that i find new ways, diffrent and new ideas. And that is what I’m currently working on.

How would you describe your own style of producing? We’ve heard everything from your first release (the Dream of You Remix) until now with your smashing club sound, do you think your own ”sound” has developed during this period of time?

- I’m still in the learning process but I have finally come to the point where I can produce stuff that I really want. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a lot of singles and some new remixes, all (more or less) with that unique sound. I would say it’s a mix between Nudisco/Indie Dance and more underground club beats. In the forthcoming year you will see what I mean. Then if people likes it or not, I don’t know haha!

You recently released an outstanding remix of Deniz Koyu’s Lose Control, what are your thoughts about that one?

- Well, the Lose Control remix was the first step towards this sound I’m trying to find. I think I brought the creativity into it, something a bit new. Regarding the Lose Control remix, I received so much positive feedback and nice comments about it. And it’s always fun to hear people follow in the text when I’m playing it.

You’re remixing a lot these days, when’s your next single release?

- I have 3 new remixes coming out soon! One is a remix for the influential Parov Stelar. Then i have 2 remixes I did together with Don & Palm! The first one is called Disfunktion feat. Max’C – In The Sunshine (Don Palm & Johan Wedel Remix) which is a more trancy piece. This one will be followed by our new Albin Myers remix. Currently I’m working with an album but can’t tell you more about that right now, it’s getting finished though! I’m also in a collaboration with some bigger artists mostly outside the house genre!

Tell us about the remix of In The Sunshine. How was it working with Don & Palm?

- Daniel and Karl are two really, really talanted guys from Gotenburg aswell. They really know what they are doing in the studio. I think we managed to create a good mix between our sounds. It’s more trancy and made for bigger dancefloors. Don & Palm + Johan Wedel = Twice the energy ;) .  We have been working on a new single and this (soon to be released) remix of Disfunktion and Max C! We also just finished a remix of Albin Myers – There 4 U!

You’re now current with a collaboration remix together with Mikael Weermets of Alive. We’ve seen a lot of productions between you two, how is it working with Mikael? Have you got any on-going productions right now?

- Yeah, Alive was a really fun collaboration, Mikael is a really nice guy and very fun to work with and he always brings a lot of ideas, brings very little bad ideas and brings alot of Jack, wich seems to be our main studio tool. After all my main goal with this whole music production DJ’ing thing is to have fun, awlays have fun, and it has worked out pretty well so far. During collaborations you have to work with people that you can stand for more than 12 hours in a row, and Mikael is one of thoose! We are currently working on a new remix and a new EP as it seems.

Which are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

- This is actually a hard question, I think there are too much music to choose from, but to mention five tracks that you will hear in my sets:

Albin Myers – There 4 U (Don Palm & Johan Wedel Remix)
Aura Dione – Something For Nothing (Jazzbox Remix)
Parov Stelar – Radio Mojo Gang (Johan Wedel Remix)
Angelique Kidjo – Move On Up (Radioclit Remix)
Chris Lake & Marco Lys – Cross The Line (Main Mix)

With which DJ/producer with you rather work with if you could choose, and why?

- There are many artists that I would like to work with, M83, Kleerup aswell as Parov Stelar which I currently got to remix which was a very Big thing for me since it’s one of my favourite artists. Right now I’m trying to mix my style with non-house artists to bring something new into the genre!

Which are your main goals as a DJ/producer in the house music industry?

- To have fun, to see the world and meet friends, nothing more, nothing less.


CD or laptop?

- Still CD’s but I’m experimenting with laptop sets on Ableton live sometimes, it’s a progress I tell you.

Blondes or brunettes?

- Brunettes!

Your favourite track of all times?

- José Gonzales – Cycling Trivialities

JOHAN WEDEL – PLAYDOO EP (Free download)

Johan Wedel – Playdoo (Original Mix) Exclusive by Beatmyday

Johan Wedel – Playdoo (Johan Wedel Re-Touch) Exclusive by Beatmyday

- I would like to thank everyone for the great support I’m reciving, wouldn’t be able to this without it. Also thanks Beat My Day, great site – I check it every day ;)
The download links is now available again! Enjoy!

/Beat My Day

Here is an exclusive interview with Albin Myers made us on Beat My Day. Albin is – as I’m sure you’re aware of – a great DJ/producer, and with tracks like There 4 You & Jump he’s in for the long run! Here he tells us a little bit about himself and St. James, his favourite producer, his mohawk and upcoming releases from the Swede, check it out!

1. Hello Albin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

- I’m a music producer/DJ from Stockholm, Sweden, making house music for party people!

2. Your recent release There 4 You featuring St. James fullfilled all expectations and turned out to be a great summer track, what made you choose St. James as the vocalist for your track?

- I had worked with St. James a couple of years ago making some music that never was released, but when I started to make There 4 You I just came to think of him again and that he would be perfect for the track. He is such a talented vocalist. We had alot of fun making the track!

3. We hear you’re working with a new track with St. James, what can we expect and have you chosen a name for it yet?

- Me and James have some new projects but nothing is complete and only time will tell when we are going to release the next bomb haha!

4. We have seen a lot of different sides of you and your tracks during the last years, which kind do you prefer and which of your productions in your career are you most proud of?

- Well I have many favourites. Here’s a list of some of them:

Albin Myers feat. St. James – There 4 You
Albin Myers – Jump
Erick Morillo, Richard Grey & Jose Nunez feat. Shawnee Taylor – Life Goes On (Albin Myers Remix)
John Dahlback – Hustle Up (Albin Myers Remix)
Taped – The Question (Albin Myers Remix)

5. Which DJ/producer would you prefer to do a back-to-back session with if you could chose from anyone?

- In production I would love to do something with Axwell. He is so skilled and talented and has a good ear for mixing. In the DJ booth would a back-to-back set with Erick Morillo be nice!

6. You seem to be a very funny and inspirational guy, I just have to ask, whats up with that mohawk?

Haha! The Mohawk has been hangin’  around for a long time now and it’s a part of my image so you will see this haircut a couple of more years I guess!

7. At last, have you got any other productions in progress expect that track with St. James. If not, have you got any collaborations planned?

New tracks are made all the time and you will see some new stuff coming out soon. Me & John Dahlback got some tracks together. One is called MyBack – Trigger, which will be released on Chuckie’s label Dirty Dutch. And ofcourse my Romani Beats track with Walodjia will come out early September.

0:00 - Albin Myers feat. St. James – There 4 You
1:02 - Albin Myers – Jump

/Beat My Day

Hello everyone! It’s time for our next exclusive interview, this time with the talanted Swedish DJ/producer Alex Lamb. We have many interviews with big DJ’s/producers and vocalists coming up soon. Stay tuned and read this great interview. Enjoy and don’t forget to download the exclusive track Alex gave us.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, age and so on?

I live, eat and breath music! 22 years old, focusing on making my music heard with a plan on conquering the world!
I’m a simple guy. Give me a couple of beers, girls and a studio and you’ve made my day.

2. You’re still quite new in this business, how did your interest
for house music – and music in general – begin?

Yeah I’m new in the house scene, but I have been in the business for a couple of years in other genres. I don’t know really how I got in to house music. I guess I wanted to try something new and refreshing.

3. Which producing software do you prefer and why?

I pefer FL Studio cos that is what i started of with 8 years ago, back then called Fruity Loops. Think it easy and i get the same quality out of it as any other software.

4. With whom would like to do a back-to-back session?

Would be cool to do a track with Eric Prydz. But there are alot of people that I would like to make tracks with, the list is long.

5. Top 5 tracks at the moment

1. Alex Lamb ft. Christina Skaar – Freedom (Original Mix)
2. Albin Myers feat. St James – There 4 U (MyBack Club Mix)
3. Criez D – The Tumble (Original Mix)
4. Obey, Alex Lamb, Filip Jenvén feat. Sofia Guivera – Believe (Original Mix)
5. Pryda – M.S.B.O.Y. (Original Mix)

6. What is your main goal with the house music?

I love music and I would love to share my sound with the world.
And maybe inspire others too!

7. You recently dropped two great vocal house tracks
(Believe & Freedom), is this your personal style, vocals?

I do music that I would like to play, i don’t have a specific style. it all depends on what mood im in.

8. What can we expect from you in the future?

Lots of releases and collaborations with Alex Sayz, Jonas Stenberg and many more that I can’t tell more about now

Three quick questions:
1. Vinyl, CD or mp3?

2. Blondes or brunettes?

Doesn’t matter its the boobs that matter ;)

3. Favorite track of all times?

Supertramp – Dreamer

Free Download: Alex Lamb – Obsessive (Original Mix)

Alex Lamb – Obsessive (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Beatmyday

/Beat My Day

We on Beat My Day has once again got ourselves an exclusive interview! This time it’s with the hardworking DJ/Producer based in Gothenburg, Sweden – Mikael Weermets. Here he is telling a little bit about his life as a DJ/Producer and some of the upcoming collaborations and productions. Except this extraordinary interview we have received one great free download and one exclusive mixtape only for Beat My Day! We can’t expose a tracklist for the mixtape due to its exclusivity of the tracks in it. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? How old are you? For how long have you been in the business?

Hey out there! I’m Mikael Weermets, 23 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden. Been working as a fulltime-DJ since i was about 18 years old,  been in to production for 3 years now, did my first release on Sunhouse Records early 2008.

How and where did your interest for house music start?

- It started at a very young age, about maybe 10 years ago, back when it was all about the funky stuff. Listening to a lot of funky & latin stuff then, always been in to all sorts of electronic dance music, but house really captured me.

What is your opinion of house music blogs such as ours?

- I’m quite open to whatever the blogs want to do, any producer out there should know the great importance of the blogs, and all the PR you get from them, illegal blog or not. The house blogs are such a big part of the dancemusic business today, and i think it’s very important to keep that in mind.  I’m so happy that there are so many hungry spirits out there keeping the blogs going, showing people what’s coming next, and what you should have a extra look at.

Tell us about your musical style. What can we expect from a Mikael Weermets set?

- Alot of funk & energy! As I actually started out as a hiphop-DJ im used to working fast, I always wanna play as many tracks as possible, make a whole experience of the set, not just a straight boring up & down-set.

Who has been your biggest inspiration when you’ve produced music?

- My biggest inspirations are without a doubt Quincy Jones & Eric Prydz. Both have had such an amazing impact on music in their own genres. Always bringing something fresh to the table, theres always a little surprise that gets you hooked somewhere in their productions.

Which DJ software is your favourite and why?

- Ableton Live without a doubt. Ableton has everything you need to rock any dancefloor, make a set that’s absolutely mindblowing. The other DJ-softwares i tried out is just for comfort, nothing else. But if I would ever let go of my beloved CD’s, I would definetly go with Ableton!

Top 5 tracks at the moment?

Syke’N'Sugarstarr feat. Alexandra Prince – So Alive (Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild Remix)
Deniz Koyu – Loose Control (Johan Wedel Remix)
Christian Marchi feat. Luciana – I Got My Eye On You (Chuckie Remix)
Pryda – Viro (Original Mix)
Disfunktion feat. Max C – In The Sunshine (Original Mix)

What do you think is the main ingredient to succeed producing a great track?

- It depends on what kind of track that you are making, but an epic beauitful break, a ”hands in the air”-buildup and a powerful drop is what people remember about a track, and what makes the dancefloor explode!

What do you expect to accomplish during the year of 2010?

- Actually I don’t expect anything at all, I’m just happy for whatever happens next, I’ve been blessed with a packed schedule both music & gig-wise, and that makes me so happy. I’m working every waken moment of the day to improve, get some fresh tracks out there, and try to make every dancefloor explode.

What are you working with at the moment? (Collaborations and productions)

- I’m sure I’m gonna forget something now, there are so many. Collaborations with D.O.N.S, Disfunktion, Johan Wedel, Audible,  Sebjak, my hiphop-superstar boy Adam Tensta & more are on the way. I’m working with some HUGE vocalist-names right now, can’t even believe it’s happening, we are working on something really special for next year. I’ve done loads of remixes in the last months, on some of the biggest labels & artists in the business, which has been really cool for me, im very happy about this opportunity, makes me work even harder each day!

Some quick questions:

Clubs or festivals?

- I’m more of a club guy, I like that family feeling to it. Rather too small then too big.

Blondes or brunettes?

- Definitely blondes. Miss Blue Rose is blonde of course!

Vinyl, CD or mp3(computer)?

- CD for all the amazing tricks you can do with it, vinyl for the feeling!

Hamburger or steak?

- I’ve just had the biggest burger in town, so today I’m going for steak, but ask me tomorrow, and it will be a tie!

Free Download:
Audiosoul feat. Daniel De Bourg – Lights On (Mikael Weermets & Audible Remix) [ZIPPYSHARE]

Audiosoul feat. Daniel De Bourg – Lights On (Mikael Weermets & Audible Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Beatmyday

The download limit is full on Soundcloud but we posted a zippy link also, don’t forget to download it!!!!

Free Download: Mikael Weermets - Beat My Day Exclusive Mixtape
No tracklist is given due to the exclusivity of the tracks in the mixtape.

/Beat My Day

We at Beat My Day have done a new interview with Sweden’s rising star Alesso. Alesso has been signed to Joia Records and May 10th 2010 will see him make his very first release in shape of the ”Alesso EP.” His EP has thus far gained support from the likes of Erick Morillo, David Guetta, John Dahlbäck, Avicii, Groove Armada and more. As played by David Guetta at FMIF Radio and due to be included on his upcoming album, a preview of his track ”Exit” is also available. To finish things off, Alesso also sent us also a free download of a new mashup of his which you can download at the end of this post.

So first off, tell us who you are?

Hi, my name is Alessandro Lindblad aka Alesso and I’m 18 years old. I’m born in Stockholm and I’m half Italian.

How did you first get in contact with music and how did you get into house music?

My first contact with music was when I was 7 years old, I started to the play piano for fun. From there I never stopped playing music. 3 years ago I got in touch with real pure house music and since then I’ve been living for the music.

How would you describe your production style and what kind of influences do you have?

My production style is very diverse. I’m very open-minded when it comes to house music. It can be very hard and clubby but in the same time very melodic and progressive.

How did you get involved with Joia Records and what has that meant to you?

I was presented to Joia Records through my manager. What that will mean to me only time can tell.

Huge Dj’s such as Erick Morillo and David Guetta have played your tracks on several occasions in their sets. How did that come about and what does it mean to you and your career?

This sure means a lot to me since they both are two of the biggest dj’s around the world right now. To my career, of course it’s positive, but as I said before, only time can tell.

Which are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Alesso – Exit (Original Mix)
Miike Snow – Silvia (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
Laurent Simeca & Stephan M – Roxanne (Timofey & Bartosz Brenes 17:44 Mix)
Joan Reyes – Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)
Alesso – Think It’s Time (Original Mix)

Which producer would you like to work with?

There’re several producers I would love to work with out there. But if I had to choose at this moment it would no doubt be MR Sebastian Ingrosso.

What is your ultimate goal as a producer?

To achieve music that goes right in to your soul and makes people go crazy and remember what real music is about, Love for the music.

How does a normal Alesso set look like?

Well it depends on what kind of club/crowd your playing for. My goal of a great set is to make people have a really fucking good time and enjoy every minute of the night.

What does your studio look like and which program do you use?

It’s new renovated so it doesn’t have a lot of stuff. Basically it’s just my speakers, my synth and my computer. Since you pretty much can put everything in your computers nowadays you don’t need so much hardware. And of course I’m working with Logic Pro.

Lastly, do you have a word of advice to the budding DJs and producers out there?

I’m very new in this business so I don’t have so much to say, but one thing for sure is that it doesn’t come by it self, you have to push every moment to it’s best and off course love what you’re doing.

Preview: Alesso – Exit

Free Download: Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Vs. Steve Angello – Meich Again (Alesso Bootleg)


Pierce Fulton

Recently entering the House music scene, Pierce Fulton is a 17 year old Musician, Producer, and DJ residing in Vermont in the United States. Having been producing House Music for around 5 months, Pierce Fulton has been entering the scene through several remixes, collaborations, and originals soon to be released. Expect some new tunes coming from Pierce in the next few months. Listen to the Soundcloud previews of Pierce upcoming tracks below and dont forget to download and listen to his two free download tracks he sent to us. He has done everything with the instrumental on the ”Watch The Sunrise Edit” but he has just put the vocals on and on his ”Bromance Edit” he took the melody from bromance and made his own song with it. ENJOY and drop a comment! What do you guys think of the mix of interviews with major dj’s and less-known young and talented dj’s/producers?

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi, I’m Pierce Fulton and I’m from Stratton Mountain, Vermont in the USA.

What made you start producing house and when did you start?

I started making small Hip-Hop tracks around January of 2009 just on my laptop and a keyboard. In the summer of that year,  a friend of mine was testing out his new live set-up, threw a Steve Angello track on and I instantly fell in love.  At the time, I was producing on Propellerhead’s Reason and after hearing Mr. Angello, I said goodbye to Hip-Hop. I just kept making tracks and experimented with different styles and programs and mid-summer,
I bought Logic and that’s where I really started. So in all, I would say that I’ve been producing House since the summer of 2009.

What kind of influences do you have?

I have so many influences from tons of different genres of music. But to name a few,
I would say the most recently recognized producers like Avicii, Mikael Weermets, and Max Vangeli are my biggest influences.

What’s your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Cicada – One Beat Away (Max Vangeli Remix)
Faithless – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Area Mix)
Mikael Weermets & Johan Wedel – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Axwell – Nothing But Love For You

What is your biggest goal in terms of production/DJing?

My biggest goal as a musician is to do what I love for the rest of my life.
I want to create music that makes people happy because thats better than anything in the world.
But I would also love to play at some major festivals and clubs like Creamfields or Sensation.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Nothing specific really inspires me but I can just be walking around or sitting in math class and something will pop into my head and I’ll start writing a tune. I have to say, I write about half of my tunes while learning Calculus.

What tracks can we look forward to from you soon?

Well, I have loads of tracks that no one has heard on several different computers but I’m releasing a
few tracks like For Your Ears Only, Habibé, and a track called Not Till Tomorrow that will feature vocals
from good friend of mine. Also, I’m currently finishing up a killer track with my friend Fred Lilla and that will hopefully be released soon.

What kind of prodiction software do you use and have you tried others softwares? Favorite plugins?

I use Apple’s Logic Pro for about 85% of my tunes and when I’m on the road, I use Reason.
I think I’m updating my equipment and going strictly Logic soon but I’ve also used FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Sonar. My favorite plugins are Sylenth1 and FM8.

Do you only produce alone or do you have any collabs also?

I produce alone on a lot of tracks but I’m currently working with Fred Lilla, Frederic Van Hooft,
Louis Cousseé, David Maouad, and Beat My Day’s own, Jesper Cederlind.

What producer/s would you like to work with some day?

I would like to do a track with Avicii because I find him to be the most diverse producer out there.
I love how his tracks can be so melodic and have such a great club feel to it, his tracks are gold.


*Preview* Pierce Fulton & Fred Lilla- Up & Away (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton- Habibé (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton & Frederic Van Hooft- Not Till Tomorrow (Dub Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton- For Your Ears Only (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

Free Downloads:
Tim Berg – Bromance (Pierce Fulton Re-Dux)
Axwell – Watch the Sunrise (Pierce Fulton Re-Dux)

/Jesper & William

It’s been a while since last time but now we on Beat My Day are back with another exclusive interview. This time, with French DJ & producer duo ”French Government”. French Government have produced some huge tracks like ”Shining Heart”, ”Japan Disco” and ”Amour”. In their tracks, they are mixing with an incredibly beautiful melody with a heavy bass. They are one of my favorite producers and has some very heavy tracks waiting to be released. They never disappoint me. Don’t forget to download the track French Government sent to us as an exclusive, only for this interview. ENJOY and drop a comment!

Hi Guys! Tell us a little about yourself, Where are you from? how old are you?
and for how long have you been in the business?

Greg: Hi there! My name is Grégoire, I’m 24 years old now, I’m from Paris (natively from Lyon). Mickael and I have been friends and music partners for almost 3 years now!
Mickael: Hey everyone! I’m Mickael, 23 years old. I live in Paris but I’m from Bulgaria (Sofia).

Can you give the upcoming producers out there any advices for how to get to the
top as fast you guys have!?

G: I’d say that being obsessed by a very fast rise in the music fields would be the greatest danger to avoid. Build strong, patiently if needed and always remember the importance of your will, your inspiration and freedom. It might take longer, but you’ll not be forgotten once you’re at the top! Be strategic also, and use a well balanced communication, create a universe, be different!
M: Always do the music that you love. Otherwise, it will be hard to find your way. Be aware of what the labels you like release, but try to have your own sound.

Do you have musical background in some way? And how come you chose to produce housemusic?
G: I studied the piano for a bit when I was around 10 but I got bored quite quickly. I recently started to study music again to be able to actually translate my inspiration. I think I have always had trained ears and my DJ experience allows me to analyze music in a different way.
M: In fact I used to be a guitarist in some funk/rock bands and still do some jam sessions with friends. This actually gives me a strong inspiration. But house music and club gigs create vibes that are unique. DJing is as addictive as being in the studio!

What do you think of blogs like ours in general?
G: The great role blogs play in the music industry is beyond dispute now. We are all kids of the Internet. What I like about blogs is that they reestablish talent and passion as the key success factors in an industry where the personal network has always been more important. Thanks for that!
M: I totally agree with that. Some people really spend a lot of time trying to take the best out of the releases, even coming from unknown producers.

Who has been your biggest inspiration when you’ve produced music?
M: It’s quite hard to determine one single name and it’s not only about name-dropping. Early French Touch has thrown many people into house music but many names have been a deeper inspiration. Bands like Abba, The Thing, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra have been so creative – they dared to take risks. Nowadays, people take more time doing some proper cover versions than trying to innovate.
G: I agree on that! I could add that I always had big respect for great producers like Eric Prydz, Sebastien Leger and Axwell. These guys have incredible melodic and sounding skills. What’s more, they have been managing their careers in a very clever way.

Which program are you using when you produce music?
G: FL Studio and Logic are the sequencers we use. We are now trying to be able to control Ableton Live very well. Indeed, we’d like to perform real live in the following years.
M: Some plug-ins and VST synths are very common but very useful : the Waves suites when it comes to mastering; the reFX, Native Instruments, Arturia, Spectrasonics stuff allow you to achieve some really original sounds (despite the thousands of synths out there).

What do you think is the main key in making a good track?
G: You’re the key. The most powerful part of your studio set up is your brain. So one main key is to know how to use the softs, the plugs, the synths, the machines, in a way that would let your ideas be directly translated into beats.
M: It is important to try to sound as good as big producers, but try not to copy the gimmicks and ideas. Finding originality in all aspects is very important: not only the melodies, but also the sounds (percussion, synths, effects), the vocals.. Of course, in order to be “good”, a track needs to have proper mixdown, mastering and to be playable in all kinds of situations. Trying to express a state of mind in a track is also a good way for inspiration.

Top 5 tracks at the moment?
James Talk, Ridney – Forever
Norman Doray, Avicii, Sebastien Drums – Tweet It
Miike Snow – Silvia (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
Arno Cost & Martin Solveig – Touch Me
French Government – Toboggan

What can we expect from you guys in 2010?
G: 2010 has started very big for us! Signing on CR2 Records, attending the Miami Winter Music Conference, collaborating with DJ DLG, Swanky Tunes, Nino Anthony and many more. We are very proud to realize that DJs and producers we are great fans of are now playing our tracks and supporting us really strongly. With this basis, 2010 should be the year of an international development both for production and for gigs with several tours being scheduled.
M: More and more work. We’re working on several releases, and we are trying to produce in various styles.  We’re constantly doing some beats, edits & bootlegs, thus having enough self-made material for our sets.

You have any big upcoming releases?
G: Actually, the release schedule is very busy! And that’s so cool to see how the months passed locked in the studios will start to pay as the music we created will finally reach the ears of the members of our growing community. Panoptica is one of the main projects! It has been signed on the great CR2 Records imprint (the label of Arno Cost, Chuckie, MYNC, Norman Doray…) and should be released in late spring.
M: And many more to come : a remix for Laurent Pautrat (WAG 2010), some collaborations (with Russian act Swanky Tunes and DJ DLG), and some singles (Toboggan and Desperate Traders). Check them out in our sets & shows!

Will you play in Sweden anytime soon?
G: Well, nothing is planned at the moment but I’m really looking forward to rocking some Swedish butts. Our French friends like Tristan Garner, Arno Cost & Norman Doray told us how great people and clubs are in Sweden! So… if you guys ask for some French Government action there, we’ll do our best to schedule something!
M: Yeah, you have great venues there, like the Solidaritet. Sweden is definitely one of the countries that really count in house music. Having some gigs there should really be a pleasure!

5 quick questions!

-Arno Cost or Joachim Garraud?
G : Joachim 4 years ago because his example made me start it all. Arno Cost today because he’s an incredibly talented artist and, what’s more, a real friend and a very generous person.
M : Joachim and Arno really did make real innovations at different times. I also prefer Arno Cost nowadays.

-Progressive or Tech-House?
G&M : Progressive

-Producing or DJ’ing?
G&M : Producing for DJ’ing. Nothing better than spinning your own tracks!

-Club or Festival?
G&M : Festival

-Summer or Winter?
G&M : Summer

*The free download track is updated with the final version on the zippyshare link!

Free Download: French Government vs Cassius – Sound Of Violence (French Government Edit) [Zippyshare]

/Jesper & William


Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux is Beat My Day’s next exclusive interview. Adrian is a great DJ and producer and he will be in Miami next week at WMC and drop some big tracks togehter with Kaskade. He got some nice upcoming track and in the end of may he will also release his next single with a huge remix from Axwell himself, i think you guys already know it but the trackname is ”Teenage Crime”. Enjoy and drop a comment!

Who are you and where are you from?

Stockholm, Sweden.

How come you started producing housemusic and which track/artist have been your biggest inspiration?

I got inspired to start producing music when I lived in Brazil. The clubs there really made me understand how importance of electronic dancemusic is. Eric Prydz has been by far my biggest inspiration on the electronic side of music, Tracks like Frankfurt and Balaton thought me a lot about structure and sound within housemusic.

If you could give one very good tip for young dj’s/producers to make it to the top what would it be?

Work alot with your friends to exchange ideas and skills.
Try to expirement with mixing styles like house and rock or maybe techno with rap and stuff like that, the result often becomes very interesting.

What would your ultimate gig be?

To be able to fill a massive club like Pacha Ibiza with a Line-up with my best friends like Flores, the Intergalactico crew and my girlfriends Dj Duo Rebecca & Fiona, this will hopfully happen this summer Hahaha!

Describe your own music style?

The influences is probably 30% House 30% Techno 30% Indie 30% Rock like Iggy Pop & The Doors (I Like that attitude), to much percent I guess hehe.

What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Ellie Goulding – Starry eyed (AN21 & Max Vangeli remix)
Ida Engberg & David West – Abtaka
Groove Armada -  Paper Romance
Dadalife – Love Vibrations (Savage Skulls remix)
Rebecca & Fiona – Waiting for fun

Just a few weeks ago you signed with the great label: Ultra Records!  It must be a great feeling and will this make any change for you as a producer?

Its awesome that i get to work more international and that my music its gonna reach out to a bigger crowd. I will still make the tracks like before and keep the ”Adrian Lux Vibe”, that is what got me this far.

Tell us a little about your upcoming track called ”Teenage Crime” on Axtone Records?

I wrote it during a hectic time in my life when I was out partying almost everyday living a very carefree life. during that time I faced alot of situations that came to inspire the lyrics. And then Axwell heard it through a good friend of mine and wanted to sign it imeditly. The singer is a good friend of mine, she is a big inspiration to my tracks, we work alot on both mine and her upcoming album.

You have any upcoming gigs in Sweden?

I have a gig in April with Style of Eye and Maskinen in Åre called LaLora, its going to be Massive!!!

Adrian Lux Promo Mix


1. Starry Eyed (Monarchy ”The Horse Head Nebular” Remix) – Ellie Goulding
2. Starry Eyed (An21 & Max Vangeli Remix) – Ellie Goulding
3. Abtaka – Ida Engberg & David West
4. Paper Romance (Urchins Remix) – Groove Armada
5. Pacha On Acid – Afrojack
6. Leave The World Behind feat. Lune – Adrian Lux
7. Stopover – Dirty South & Mark Knight
8. This Kind Of Love (Adrian Lux Disco Boy Remix) – Nervo
9. Love Vibrations (Savage Skulls Remix) – Dada Life
10. Get It Right (Felix Da Housecat Remix) – Y.A.S.

Enjoy / Jesper & William