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Back for his third instalment on 2000 and One’s renowned 100% Pure imprint, Toronto-based Mario Ochoa comes out with a top shelf, new two-track EP titled ‘Lockdown’ just in time for the Miami season.

While the EP’s title track deals in crisp beats and deep intertwining grooves, B-side ‘Natural Selection’ showcases a chunky concoction of subtle melodics and exotic rhythmic play and makes for yet another hypnotic instalment of Tech House triumph for Ochoa.

Out today on Beatport.

2000 And One’s distinguished abode for all things Tech House 100% Pure greet familiar underground mongers Pleasurekraft, Jaceo and Vedic for the release of an infectious new two-track EP. While title track ‘American Hustle’ embraces the rhythmic properties that have excelled their international appeal alongside an artillery of deep bass play, ‘Skin Song of Skull Island’ is the definitive all-around offering of funk induced club stylings that tops yet another strong package from the unpretentious imprint.

Out today on Beatport.

Having comfortably executed his ‘Teach Us‘ EP for 100% Pure, Hungarian groove maestro Jay Lumen returns to 2000 and One’s abode for all things Tech House for the release of yet another infectious three-track EP, entitled ‘Get Ready’.

While title track ‘Get Ready’ showcases the steady, rythmic properties that Lumen has encompassed of late, ‘Tell Us Brother’ alongside Gary Beck plays out with the scattered energy and inherent attitude of a seedy basement band. Rounding things off with the funky stylings of ‘Not Like That’, Lumen’s minimalistic approach is both tantalizing and refreshing amid the more predictable realms of Electronic music.

Beatport Link

Where the post Miami blues can too often beckon a lull in enigmatic releases, 2000 & One’s 100% Pure imprint evidently didn’t catch that mindset. Fresh off the mark from Tube & Berger’s ‘Soulgood’, Sweden-born Tech House producer Christian Smith bottles the underground edge of America’s House music capital with ‘NYC’. Where the EPs title track deals in succinct rises of haunting melodics and deep intertwining grooves, B-side ‘Sujinho’ musters an aptly strong concoction of strong chord play and exotic rhythmic play that makes for a hypnotic instalment of Tech House triumph. Proving miles ahead of the game as far as creativity is concerned, this is a standout performance from one of Sweden’s more forward-thinking assets to date.

Christian Smith – NYC / Sujinho [100% Pure] – Beatport Link

0:00 – NYC
1:30 – NYC (Doomwork Remix)
2:45 – Sujinho

Words by Dan Carter

Having secured a two week long number one spot on Beatport’s general top 100 in late 2010 with ‘Free Tribe’, not to talk about their highly underrated remix of ‘It’s Our Future‘ from last year, German duo Tube & Berger are back in an equally impressive fashion, taking proceedings to 2000 and One’s 100% Pure imprint for the release of a brand-new two-track EP. Playing on a funky guitar, delightful undertones and a silky smooth vocal line, ‘Soulgood’ and it’s ever so soulful build might be just what it takes for these Germans to line up another chart-topper ahead of the Ibiza season, leaving room for ‘Be Ready’ to play the somewhat chunkier part on this high-end EP. Taking the B-side spot, ‘Be Ready’s bumpy and well-oiled appeal proves there is nothing wrong in obtaining a runner-up spot as long as the calibre is as stated – high.

Tube & Berger – Soulgood / Be Ready [100% Pure] – Beatport Link

Tube & Berger – Soulgood
Tube & Berger – Be Ready