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Representing another brick in the wall of aspiring House music producers currently emerging from within the borders of fruitful Sweden, Jan Francisco, professionally known as Amarou, is out with a frisky, new single as his inaugural release for 2012. In the same spirit as the label’s many previous outings, Amarou’s ‘Neblina’ is grounded upon an emotional interlude and playful chords. Boasting a melodious and frankly infectious baselines to go hand-in-hand with the voice-sounding lead and high-pitched percussions, ‘Neblina’ is a progressive Summer ditty you could be well forgiven for putting on along with the warmth of a Summer night.

Amarou – Neblina [Emotive Vibes] – Beatport Link


These two upcoming producers have certainly come to a great start. Amarou and Jacob Trattner are two slightly unkown artists in the industry but that wont carry on for long. Having said that, their new single is an absolute smasher – beautifully stripped piano tones paving the way for twisted synth stabs and bubbling beats. It’s called Derivá and is now being given away for free, don’t miss out on this one!


/Jesper & Anton