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With a main goal to get his music spread across the globe and, unlike the majority of young producers currently hitting cyberspace, already boasting a great sense and production knack for the more soulful sounds of House music at an early age, 17-year-old Bristol prodigy Joe Arthur, better known as Applebottom, may well be the future of heartfelt House music.

Cleansed in spiritual vibes that echo the heyday of emotionally charged club music, Joe Arthur’s soulful charge of deep vocals and warm vintage lead play suggests resurgence from the moody vibes currently overriding the industry. If there is any grounds to some of the heavyweights’ claim that the world is ready for more emotional music then Applebottom could well prove the sovereign of its glorious resurgence, shining a bright light for old-school ideals that evidently remain ear candy to the modern industry.

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