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Back from a blissful release on Armada Music’s Zouk Recordings, Connecticut’s Nate Rathbun makes his Vicious Recordings debut with a remix for Tommie Sunshine, Disco Fries and Kid Sister’s ‘Cool Without You’.

Leading with a darker sound scope than that of his recent originals for Zouk and Anjunabeats, Audien’s latest remix sees him turn his head for the wobbly domains of Electro House. Complimented by swift piano play, Rathbun makes a rather big splash in the digital pond with a remix that ticks all the boxes of a potent, genre-defying release.

Out today on Beatport.

Hot on the heels from releasing ‘Wayfarer’ on Anjunabeats, Connecticut’s Nate Rathbun, best known as Audien, returns with a shot of hope for radio-friendly Dance music in ‘Leaving You’ alongside Michael S.

Embracing his hold on blissful melodics alongside the usual characteristics of an Audien-branded release, ‘Leaving You’ sees Rathbun take a turn for the slightly radio-friendlier side of affairs with anthemic synth work and sugary vocals throughout. For an artist anything but engulfed in global hysteria, Audien’s latest release marks a continuation of the emotional depth and solid production quality we have come to associate with this young American.

Original and instrumental mixes are out now on Beatport.

Audaciously driven and already inaugurated to the melodic stronghold that is Anjunabeats, Connecticut’s Audien is far from your everyday American breakthrough. Back with vengeance to follow-up last August’s ’Eventide‘ EP, Audien kicks off 2013 with his second release for the label, ‘Wayfarer’.

In the same vein that Anjunabeats have continued to evolve with the times without compromising on the upfront quality of their releases, the young American producer finds a considerably comfortable middle-ground between the uplifting properties of Trance and fertile energy of modern Progressive House. Still driven by melodic progressions and full-bodied synth work, Audien sticks to his guns with yet another gem that highlights the essential talent that can still be found outside of Europe and its atypical Progressive House regions.

Out today on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

Still riding on the remnants of his debut on the label back in early August with the ‘Eventide‘ EP, Audien returns to Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats imprint with the equally impressive follow-up release in ‘Wayfarer.’

With a sound scope that drives considerably heavier undertone into the melodic concept, Nate Rathbun balances delicate melodic progressions with a fiery ambient guise of stern chord play throughout this emotive club track. Without a single cheesy vocal sample in earshot, Audien sticks to his guns with yet another creative gem that highlights the essential talent that can still be found outside of Europe and its atypical Progressive House regions.

Out January 14th.

Connecticut’s Nate Rathbun, professionally known as Audien, makes his debut on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats label to release his latest two-track EP.

But with so much talk about the industrious evolution and mainstream accumulation, Rathbun’s first Anjunabeats release strays far away from the latter and hits the middle-ground between blissful Progressive House and the euphoric Trance sound we have come to associate with the aspiring American. In an effortless mixture of divine melodic progressions and vintage Trance energy, the spiritual vibes of Audien’s ‘Eventide’ and ‘Unity’ cater to the thriving American festival scene while making up a release that has the potential of becoming a landmark for artist and label alike.

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