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Having laid out several inspiring cuts from the more relaxing side of Electronic Dance Music, koweSix and Kris Menace, also known as Black Van, drop yet another incredible instalment of deep Dance delicacy in the form of a remix of The Isley Brothers.

Breaking away from the cheesier terrains of vocal Dance music that have ruined a host of fine instrumental cuts throughout the year, the formidable top line of the American group reigns as fitting as it does contagious. Jumping between the perky beats and ambiently tuned melodies that make up the Black Van remix of ‘Voyage To Atlantis’, the duo is sure to conjure a few smiles from those tired of the more predictable movements in Electronic music. But with intense instrumental properties and a rare injection of emotive energy, Black Van provide a simple and soulful remix perfect for the Sunday blues.


The Italian-Belgian duo Aeroplane recently dropped a new track of theirs. With a Black Van (Kris Menace) and Breakbot remixes in the baggage, it can only go successive! It was released yesterday through Eskimo Recordings, grab yourself a copy of it now!

Aeroplane – Without Lies (Incl. Black Van + Breakbot Remixes) [Eskimo Recordings] – Beatport Link