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The Alabama-bred singer made her first record debut as early as 1968, but it was not until the release of Young Hearts Run Free in ‘76 that Candi Station received widespread acclamation. Standing yet today firmly unconquered with songs like You Got The Love under her belt, the soul- and gospel vocalist’s refined ‘99 version of Frankie Knuckles’ ‘95 original of Whadda You Want is remixed by the long-time foursome heroes of the traditional House sounds, K-Klass. Having made numerous appearance’s on the record label of The Shapeshifters, Nocturnal Groove, such as Capture Me and the strong Ibiza contender alongside Sonny Wharton named Rush Hour, the House quartet that has two albums, countless top chart placings on the global charts and a ton of experience behind them is taking on this almighty classic for an unremitting remix that’s destined to become its own classic in no-time.