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Following up on her latest release together with the Swedish Mikael Weermets, Christina Skaar hooked up with another Swede, Dany Coast, producing a total banger called Swede Harmony. The release features, except the stunning original mix, a dub mix as well which brings up the harmonic melody in this anthem even further! Go grab your copy now!

Dany Coast feat. Christina Skaar – Swede Harmony (Incl. Dub Mix) [disco:wax] – Beatport Link

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Here’s a preview of Dany Coast’s brand new track Swede Harmony featuring the Norwegian beautiful singer/songwriter Christina Skaar making this track even crazier with that incredible voice of hers! Anyhow, it’s getting released on November 15th, probably together with the stunning Axel Bauer & Lanford remix we posted a week ago, stay tuned for more info!


Brand new brilliant remix from the talented DJ/producer duo Axel Bauer & Lanford. It’s a remix of the forthcoming release called Swede Harmony made originally by Dany Coast featuring the Norwegian beauty Christina Skaar on great vocals, take a listen!
Dany Coast’s Facebook fan page
Christina Skaar’s Facebook fan page


Hard-hitting banger Love Is out now on Beatport! Brilliant combination of a clubby beat from Mikael Weermets together with these outstanding vocals by Christina Skaar, love it! This release features, except the original, a piano mix aswell as another huge remix from the DJ/producer duo French Government. Go support these artists by buying their productions!

Mikael Weermets feat. Christina Skaar – Love Is (Original + Mixes) [Work Machine] – Beatport Link


Here’s the official preview of Mikael Weermets and Christina Skaar’s new track called Love Is, getting released soon together with the original mix aswell as the French Government remix, stay tuned!


The remixes of the bouncing track Freedom are out, originally made by Alex Lamb featuring Christina Skaar on the beautiful vocals! With four awesome remixes from Alex Sayz, Andy Harding, John De Sohn & Jonas Hornblad, this is a release to remember! Truly creative remixes all of them, signed and release by Swedish TopDJ Records, check it out!

Alex Lamb feat. Christina Skaar – Freedom (Remixes) [TopDJ Records] – BP Link


Here’s a preview of the Swedish DJ/producer John De Sohn’s remix of the track Alex Lamb feat. Christina Skaar – Freedom. The original is a true banger, and this one raises the bar a little bit further, what a production! Amazing, check it out!
John’s facebook fan page


The French DJ/producer duo French Government has once again released a great track! It’s a beatiful melody mixed with a soulful club beat, love it! They are also working on a remix of Love Is by Mikael Weermets feat. Christina Skaar and a vocal mix of their own amazing track Shining Heart together with Ann Bailey. Check it out!

French Government – Panoptica (Original Mix) [BP Link]


The remixes of the amazing track Unleash My Love got released today! We know this one from earlier this spring with a great vocal from the Norwegian vocalist Christina Skaar. This time it was time for some other producers to show off some production skill, I’m impressed! This release features remixes from Alex Sayz & Alex Lamb, Alaa, JP Serano & Filip Jenvén and finally Andy Harding. Among them I prefer the JP Serano & Filip Jenvén remix, which one do you prefer?

John De Sohn & Nick Wall feat. Christina Skaar – Unleash My Love (Remixes) [BP Link]


Hello everyone! It’s time for our next exclusive interview, this time with the talanted Swedish DJ/producer Alex Lamb. We have many interviews with big DJ’s/producers and vocalists coming up soon. Stay tuned and read this great interview. Enjoy and don’t forget to download the exclusive track Alex gave us.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, age and so on?

I live, eat and breath music! 22 years old, focusing on making my music heard with a plan on conquering the world!
I’m a simple guy. Give me a couple of beers, girls and a studio and you’ve made my day.

2. You’re still quite new in this business, how did your interest
for house music – and music in general – begin?

Yeah I’m new in the house scene, but I have been in the business for a couple of years in other genres. I don’t know really how I got in to house music. I guess I wanted to try something new and refreshing.

3. Which producing software do you prefer and why?

I pefer FL Studio cos that is what i started of with 8 years ago, back then called Fruity Loops. Think it easy and i get the same quality out of it as any other software.

4. With whom would like to do a back-to-back session?

Would be cool to do a track with Eric Prydz. But there are alot of people that I would like to make tracks with, the list is long.

5. Top 5 tracks at the moment

1. Alex Lamb ft. Christina Skaar – Freedom (Original Mix)
2. Albin Myers feat. St James – There 4 U (MyBack Club Mix)
3. Criez D – The Tumble (Original Mix)
4. Obey, Alex Lamb, Filip Jenvén feat. Sofia Guivera – Believe (Original Mix)
5. Pryda – M.S.B.O.Y. (Original Mix)

6. What is your main goal with the house music?

I love music and I would love to share my sound with the world.
And maybe inspire others too!

7. You recently dropped two great vocal house tracks
(Believe & Freedom), is this your personal style, vocals?

I do music that I would like to play, i don’t have a specific style. it all depends on what mood im in.

8. What can we expect from you in the future?

Lots of releases and collaborations with Alex Sayz, Jonas Stenberg and many more that I can’t tell more about now

Three quick questions:
1. Vinyl, CD or mp3?

2. Blondes or brunettes?

Doesn’t matter its the boobs that matter ;)

3. Favorite track of all times?

Supertramp – Dreamer

Free Download: Alex Lamb – Obsessive (Original Mix)

Alex Lamb – Obsessive (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Beatmyday

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