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With ”Album Title Goes Here” still at large, Mau5trap releases the first formal remix package for a track off of Deadmau5’s latest studio album, calling upon GTA, Nom De Strip and Eekkoo to put their touches on the album’s Wolfgang Gartner collaboration ‘Channel 42′.

On hand with a dark and grainy sound, GTA take the lead with a remix of stadium-worthy beat work. Borrowing heavily from the hypnotizing melodics of the Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner original, Nom De Strip strips down it’s instantly recognizable Electro House segments to a minimalistic, bass-heavy beat, leaving it to aspiring Canadian Eekkoo to chop ‘Channel 42′ into a bouncy Tech House formula.

Out today on iTunes and Beatport.

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Eekkoo Remix)

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As officially premiered in Pete Tong’s Essential Selection last night, Mau5trap unveils the first formal remix for a track off of Deadmau5’s latest studio album, ”Album Title Goes Here”, in the form of a Nom De Strip remix of ‘Channel 42′.

Borrowing heavily from the the hypnotizing melodics of the Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner original, the Scottish producer strips down it’s instantly recognizable Electro House segments to a minimalistic, bass-heavy beat.

Out February 12th.

Last year, Deadmau5 and Nokia used the world’s most advanced 4D technology to present a truly unique free visual/musical experience at London’s Millbank Tower. Returning to the England capital one year later to celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, Deadmau5 and Nokia look to follow this up with yet another innovative performance. Though no info about the show has been revealed up until this point, if last year’s show is any indication, it appears we’re in for a treat.

Update: The stream has ended. Catch the official video and tracklist below.

01. Deadmau5 – Some Chords
02. Deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers
03. Deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt (Original + Tommy Trash Remix)
04. Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42
05. Deadmau5 – Fn Pig

Last year’s show:

At the fold of a year that year has spelt increased visibility for his live capabilities, Joel Zimmerman strikes back under his Deadmau5 moniker with ”>album title goes here<” for Mau5trap in a bid to reconcile the energy of his live displays with the studio skill that made them possible.

But from the audacious grind of opening track ‘Superliminal’, it is evident that the laurels are yet to be rested on where the valiant mau5keteer is concerned. While ‘Channel 42’ alongside Wolfgang Gartner packs same perky Electro punch of 2011’s ‘Animal Rights’ with an uplifting twist, original productions ‘Closer’ and ‘October’ stay true to inventive synth work and sharp driving beats that have characterised his mouse-headed overhaul from the outset.

But never one to rely on the comfort zones of the modern industry, Zimmerman is out to challenge expectations with this latest full-length endeavor. From the unlikely union of Gerard Way’s aggressive top line to the gracious harmonies of Imogen Heap for ‘Telemiscommunications’ right through to ‘Failbait’ alongside Cypress Hill, his diverse yet consistent approach is what carries this record from anything the Canadian producer has done before. While soft-spoken story-piece ‘The Veldt’ alongside Chris James may have prematurely set expectations in motion, few could have anticipated that the well-branded producer would bounce back with such a sophisticated album. To the avail and frustration of clubbing enthusiasts across the globe, Deadmau5 remains the more unorthodox superstar to bless the 21st century, proving 2012 to be the year in which Joel Zimmerman found all the right buttons to push.

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Words by Dan Carter

Deadmau5 and Gerard Way unite to release the highest budget electronic music video of all time and quite possibly the coolest music video to have touched Dance music this year.

Based around a brilliantly put together ”UFC” fight between two giant robots, steered by Joel Zimmerman and Gerard Way respectively, the official ‘Professional Griefers’ video makes up not only a fitting tribute to Zimmerman’s unhealthy obsession with technology, but an apt visual accompaniment to the mechanical beat work of the track. With a further cameo of a robot version of Meowingtons and a 2000-strong mob of Deadmau5 fans, the video is as captivating as it is indicative of Dance music videos done right.

Buy the track on Beatport.

Behind the scenes footage:

Ears fully lit and new album hype at ready, the button-pushing Electro pundit Deadmau5 returns to the limelight with yet another cross-genre collaboration, this time alongside eccentric Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance for ‘Professional Griefers’. Following on from its world premiere on Pete Tong’s ‘Essential Selection’ show for BBC Radio 1, August 14 sees the Canadian Mau5keteer extend his reign on modern Electro with signature inventive studio charm.

Benefitting notably from Way’s rebellious topline, this tough collection mechanic beats and pulsing lead work sees Zimmerman extend his sound to a heavier yet ultimately appealing new apex for 2012. Setting the tone for his forthcoming artist album titled ‘>album title goes here<’, the Canadian looks set to set aside the political discourse for a reign of exciting new material for the remainder of the year.

Beatport Link

Update (21/8): Behind the scenes footage of the official music video is now available. The official video will be released August 29.

Words by Dan Carter

Canadian club titan Deadmau5 will release his sixth studio album entitled ”>album title goes here<” for his own Mau5trap label and Parlophone on September 25 (24 in Europe). Following on from 2010’s ”4×4=12″ album, the latest bizarrely titled studio album from the preacher to the button-pushing generation will drop more than a month after his next single release alongside Gerard Way, ‘Professional Griefers’.

Made up of 13 original Deadmau5 tracks, including the long-awaited formal release of ‘October’, ”>album title goes here<” focuses almost solely on the latest productions to come out of Joel Zimmerman’s countless hours in the studio over the past year, showcasing the true versatility of the infamous mau5keteer in the process. The album will feature collaborations alongside Wolfgang Gartner, Chris James, Gerard Way, Imogen Heap and Cypress Hill, and while many of the tracks have already hit the web as a result to Zimmerman’s unorthodox yet acclaimed urge to the act known as ”soundclouding,” ”>album title goes here<” indicates that, as far as Deadmau5’s music output is concerned, Zimmerman will continue to push all the right buttons for the remainder of 2012.

Update (14/8): Pre-order the album here.


01. Superliminal
02. Channel 42 – deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
03. The Veldt (feat. Chris James)
04. Fn Pig
05. Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way)
06. Maths
07. There Might Be Coffee
08. Take care of the proper paperwork
09. Closer
10. October
11. Sleepless
12. Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill)
13. Telemiscommunications (feat. Imogen Heap)

Some finished and unfinished samples of some of the tracks:

While Deadmau5 may have pushed a number of buttons with his opulent live displays and sharp industry opinions, his studio ingenuity remains a topic rarely disputed. Case in hand, a track conjured during his latest live broadcast studio session unveils yet another strong indicator that being a leader amid the button pushing generation need not equate to mediocre music.

Layered with vintage synth work and pacing melodic chords, this somewhat nostalgic extension of the Electro stylings Zimmerman has become synonymous with is sure to add a feather or two to his well-plumed industry cap for 2012. Suspected to be the follow-up to ‘The Veldt’ and seeing the light of day ahead of his next single ‘Professional Griefers’, Deadmau5 remains a force capable of pushing all the right buttons for the summer clubbing season.


There Might Be Coffee

Update: Deadmau5 has released a preview of a more final and extended version of the track.

There Might Be Coffee (Final Version)

Update 2: 5 hour video of Deadmau5 producing the track has been added

Words by Dan Carter

Given the time and progress that has ensued since Deadmau5 dropped his remix of Billy Newton-Davis’s ‘All U Ever Want’, some 2012 remodels for expanding spectrum of Dance music was always going to muster some considerable attention. But with unpretentious stamina and his funky persona at hand DJ PPJerome Robins and MAM set forth to give the classic Deadmau5 manipulation two funky twists for Play Records. Rife with strong filtered beats, deep bass and ascending synth leads, the dexterous trio prove more than apt to extend the shelf life of one of many gems from Joel Zimmerman’s prestigious back catalogue well-before the hysteria that now ensues his mouse-headed moniker.

Beatport Link

deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis – All You Ever Want (DJ PP vs. Jerome Robins Dub Mix)
deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis – All You Ever Want (MAM Mix)

Words by Dan Carter

As recently given a world premiere spin on Pete Tong’s ”Essential Selection” on BBC Radio 1, the official preview of Deadmau5 ’s long-awaited ‘Professional Griefers’ has at last hit the web. Set for release on September 2nd, the final version of ‘Professional Griefers’ sees the Canadian mau5keteer turned preacher to the button-pushing generation team up with My Chemical Romance lead vocalist Gerard Way in regular Deadmau5 fashion.

Dealing in discordant lead play and mechanic cadence, Joel Zimmerman’s apex forms a deep plunge into the realms of solid modern Electro House to create yet another belter in favor of his affinity for the notably heavier beats. With his second artist album in the pipeline, the aftermath of ‘The Veldt‘ sees him return to his Electro House oriented signature sound to release one of the most long-awaited Deadmau5 offerings to date.

‘Professional Griefers’ will be released September 2nd.