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The release may be long overdue, but Belgium duo Bootik’s remix of ‘Promised Land’ remains as catchy as ever. Despite the 1 year delay, the timing could rarely have been any better. With a vibe that’s about as much summer as it gets, Bootik’s latest release out comes just in time to kick off the Ibiza season with utmost style.

Adding quite soulful and carefully crafted synth leads to complement the downright incredible voice of Steve Edwards – a renowned house singer mainly known for his works on Axwell’s ‘Watch The Sunrise’ classic, Cassius ‘The Sound Of Violence’, The Shapeshifters’ ‘Helter Skelter’ and more – there is something unique about Bartosz Brenes and Timofey’s longed-for remix now out on Decode Records. Be it the emotive chord progression or simply Edwards’ unremitting voice, but Bootik’s latest release is arguably also their best work to date.

Steve Edwards, Louis Botella & Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Bootik Remix) [Decode Records] – Beatport Link

Steve Edwards, Louis Botella & Joe Smooth – Promised Land (BOOTIK Remix)


Hailing from Belgium, Bartosz Brenes and Timofey bring their forces together yet again to release the third offering as the DJ and production project Bootik. Having just presented a remix of Louis Botella and Joe Smooth’s Promised Land, starring the sensitive voice of Steve Edwards, the duo adds an absolute dizzying setting of piano leads to Andy S and Raffael’s Wannabe single, featuring the beautiful catchy voice of UK-based Lauren Rose. Just in time for the Summer, the Belgium duo releases their contender as a representative of London-stationed Decode Records as their long awaited single alongside Christina Skaar, Ain’t Gonna Fail, is to be released soon on the record label of Bob Sinclar.

Lauren Rose, Andy S & Raffael – Wannabe (Bootik Remix) [Decode Records] – Beatport Link


Bartosz Brenes and Timofey have currently set their main aim for the success of the duo’s recently launched production and DJ outfit, Bootik, being topical with the groundbreaking Ain’t Gonna Fail single, graced with the voice of Christina Skaar, and their fascinating remix of Where I Wanna Be. Featuring an astounding vocal from Steve Edwards, the singer most recognized for his work on Axwell’s glorious Watch The Sunrise smash, Louis Botella and Joe Smooth’s Promised Land surfaces the scene in form of a new remix from the rising duo, whom have gracefully added a genuinely catchy piano setting. It’s due out soon on Decode Records, have a listen!


With their new single alongside Norwegian singer and songwriter Christina Skaar set on the horizon, Timofey and Bartosz Brenes join forces yet again as the production outfit Bootik to instal themselves on Decode Records. This time, with a remix of Andy S, Raffael and Lauren Rose’s Where I Wanna Be, featuring a nice blend of harmony and a catchy beat to arrive just in time for Summer. No release date has yet been provided, have a listen!