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Merely a year after entering the limelight as part of Avicii’s debut on Future Music Magazine’s ”In The Studio” series, August sees the long overdue final release of Avicii’s ‘Been Cursed’ remix of Eric Turner’s ‘Dancing In My Head’ through Capitol Records. Dealing in elusive synth work and emotive vocals, his remix of Turner’s latest original sees Tim Bergling outsource his floor filling intellect yet again for something of a follow-up remix to ‘Superlove‘, adding that infectiously melodic play to Turner’s enchanting top line.

With a further, radio-friendlier remix under his Tom Hangs alias on the way and though the globe may be more interested in the ”epic Avicii announcement” coming this Tuesday, this promising remode is a well-ironed contribution to what promises to be another landmark year for the young Swedish star.

Beatport Link

Update (17/9): The official video has been released.

Update: The Tom Hangs remix is now also released (iTunes).

Merely a year after entering the limelight as part of Avicii’s debut on Future Music Magazine’s ”In The Studio” series, the official preview to the Swede’s sought-after take on Eric Turner has at last found its way onto the inter-web, courtesy of VEVO. Dealing in elusive synth work and emotive vocals, his remix of ‘Dancing In My Head’ sees Tim Bergling outsource his floor filling intellect for a second appearance of his Tom Hangs alias, adding that infectiously melodic play to Turner’s enchanting top line.

With the final preview revealing extra vocals to make for a radio-friendlier version, one can only hope that the final release will bring a dub or an instrumental version into the equation in hopes of also satisfying that of the globe’s more club-minded aficionados.

Update (8/8): The ‘Been Cursed’ mix will be released August 14 on Beatport through EMI. The Tom Hangs mix is out in October.

‘Been Cursed’ mix:

Update (6/8): VEVO just re-uploaded the video for the Tom Hangs mix:

Following on from the well-received release of ‘Mellow‘, rising duo Nause are to join Cazzette and R3hab on the remixes for Eric Turner’s new single with Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah titled ‘Angels and Stars’. Making use of Turner’s divine top line in a playful and ever catchy interlude, Nause’s return to high-end remix duties sees Stockholm-based Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja deliver one of their possibly best works to date. Where Cazzette and R3hab fill the remix package’s quota for distorted electro house, the Swede’s with an affinity for carefully crafted synth leads live up their reputation as a dexterous duo, building a frisky and slightly warped chord progression that is already brandishing the seal of approval from club-goers and label exec. alike.

Eric Turner feat. Lupe Fiasco & Tinie Tempah – Angels and Stars (Nause Remix)


It seems as Eric Turner has soared into something of an At Night favorite as of late; following a synth-tinged Avicii remix of ‘Dancing In My Head’, the newer half of Ash Pournouri’s At Night Management, Cazzette, takes on Turner’s acclaimed single with Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah, ‘Angels and Stars’. Having built their foundation with a string of hit remixes for the likes of David Guetta, Avicii, Dada Life and more over the course of 1o months, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer’s persistent rise to international acclaim has been far from far-fetched from the outset.

Originally produced around Halloween last year, Cazzette’s sought-after remix of ‘Angels and Stars’ is not set for release. Flipping from Eric Turner’s sing-along friendly top line accompanied by a set emotive undertones to warped Electro House á la Cazzette, the Swedish duo’s latest effort proves another essential contribution to their already promising back catalogue.

Eric Turner feat. Lupe Fiasco & Tinie Tempah – Angels and Stars (Cazzette ‘A Sick Halloween’ Remix)


With prominent sing-along anthem ‘Levels‘ doing the rounds at every reputable NYE countdown across the globe, the new year was always going to be a promising one for Avicii and with a glimpse of what is to come emerging, there are no signs of disappointment just yet. Dealing in distinct bursts of elusive synth play and emotive vocals, his new remix of Eric Turner’s ‘Dancing In My Head’ see’s Tim Bergling outsource his unique floor filling intellect to new and promising avenues for 2012, adding that signature strike of well-executed force to turner’s noteworthy original. Though the globe is more interested in how he intends to top last years seminal club smasher, this promising remode for the New Year is a well-ironed warm up for what promises to be a landmark year for the young Swedish star.

Update (August 2): The official video teaser was just released

Eric Turner – Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s ‘Been Cursed’ Mix)

Words by Dan Carter

As the official release date of Levels has finally come to light, we’re happy to be able to unveil the name of the next single from Avicii, starring vocals from the now Sweden residing Eric Turner. From an aspiring bedroom producer just merely a few years back to an unarguable headliner of any club and dance event, the rise of Tim Bergling has made notable impact on clubland as he climbed to #6 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll this year without any marketing whatsoever. Fuelled by last year’s Bromance, the aforementioned trademarker of this year, Fade Into Darkness, Sunshine with David Guetta and a widespread host of hit remixes, there is currently no stopping the continued crusade and prosperity of Avicii.

As rendered in the documented studio session with Future Music Magazine, a live-recorded video of the final version has surfaced, courtesy of it being showcased at K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Canada last Thursday. It blends low-pitched, gorgeous instrumentals with the sensitive voice of Eric Turner for a heart-wrenching break build-up to pave the way for the synth filled chord progression, strongly dashing kicks and momentous baselines to kick in. No release info has yet not been announced, but it’s most likely to fall into line under the banner of his recently launched LE7ELS Records, have a listen!

Avicii vs. Eric Turner – Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s ‘Been Cursed’ Mix)


Being progressive house music’s most acclaimed break-through artist lately and the creator of 2011’s hugely successful leak, Levels, Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, Tim Berg or Tom Hangs, has literally become a superstar of great measures, also inspiring young producers from across the globe. Although some may consider him disrupting dance music promptly and thoroughly with last year’s release of Bromance, followed by the lyricized Seek Bromance, the truth is: the mastermind of commercial, dance-friendly synth leads has had success coming since 2008. The towing of large amounts of well-polished offerings out and onto blogs since his early years quickly made him stand out as an impelling and captivating force. However, breaking through arguably and officially with the 2010 anthem, Avicii, his hard-working management and the complete music scene, have all witnessed the inevitably significant rise of our Swedish native.

With a wealthy roster of tracks, including Blessed, Fade Into Darkness, Sunshine and the yet to be released Levels, propelling himself through 2011, Bergling invites the legendary Future Music Magazine to document and review an hour-long studio session to find out the essence behind the success of the hit-maker. Not only is he telling and showing us his favorite arrangements, arpeggio’s, hooks, plug-ins and providing a few tips on how to optimize and arrange the instrumentals to its fullest in creation of a full-on anthem, but the entire studio session boasts the production of the unheard Dancing In My Head from Avicii, starring the amazing voice of the Boston-bred Eric Turner – the singer / songwriter mainly recognized from his work on Written In The Stars with Tinie Tempah. And from the looks and listens of it, I’d say we have got another smash on our hands..!

Be sure to check out the sneak peek after the break and grab a copy of the high-quality, hour-long studio session through the link below.

Future Music Magazine In The Studio with Avicii – Purchase Link