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The Dutch Mischa Daniels is releasing his first and highly-anticipated artist album called Where You Wanna Go (same as his recent single release with the same name, listen to it here). Inspired by years of experience in front of the crowd and behind the production desk, it awaits you with a diverse combination of playful synth-lines, deep grooves and a cheeky attitude. The album contains 15 tracks, featuring collabs with singers such as Tara McDonald, J-Son, Ifan, Mitch Crown, Colton Ford and more. The tracklist for the album, scheduled to be released tomorrow (October 15th) on iTunes, is presented here below, check it out!


1. Me & You (feat. I-fan)
2. Answer My Call (feat. I-fan)
3. Child Of Love (feat. I-fan)
4. Out Of The Shadows (feat. I-fan)
5. She’s Rock & Roll (feat. Mitch Crown)
6. Mega
7. Once More (feat. Colton Ford)
8. Renegade (feat. Jerique)
9. Beats For You (feat. Tara Mc Donald)
10. The Story (feat. Colton Ford)
11. Simple Man (with Sandro Monte feat. J-Son)
12. Where You Wanna Go (feat. J-Son)
13. No More (feat. Gerideau)
14. Won’t Let You Down (feat. Blain)
15. Got Bounce (feat. Johnny Kelvin)