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In a return to the forefront of heavily thumping Electro House, Spencer & Hill debut on David Guetta’s Jack Back Records with their two-track ‘1234′ EP.

Perhaps not in as heavy vein as the sound we have come to associate with Germany’s Peter Spencer and Josh Hill, the pairing of rhythmic persuasions and growling low-end riffage sees ‘1234′ take the headlining spot with festival-esque substance. But balancing dotted melodic play and the grinding Electro sound currently dominating the industry, the German duo round off their Jack Back debut with a festival-proof B-side, paying tribute to the late James Brown in the process.

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Hot on the heels from the well-acclaimed first label release ‘Metropolis‘ alongside Nicky Romero, David Guetta brings aboard Italy outfit Daddy’s Groove for their debut installment on Jack Back Records – Guetta’s newly launched record label told to strictly be focusing on club music and aspiring producers alike. Rife with attitude-filled vocals alongside bleepy interludes, heavy-stepping kicks and grinding chord play, the second release off of Jack Back sees Guetta and his three Italian peers unite yet again to follow up a potent collaborative remix of ‘I Can Only Imagine’. In the same vein as it’s aforementioned predecessor, ‘Turn The Lights Down’ sheds further light on not only the perfected studio stylings of the Italy trio but also the quest in which the French chart-monger successfully attempts to establish a counterpart to his radio-friendlier efforts.

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Building on the positive union that brought us the untimely mainstream crossover anthem ‘Wild One Two’, universally acclaimed stadium-filler David Guetta joins esteemed Dutch newcomer Nicky Romero for round two of this old school / new school collaborative affair. In the dark yet melodically tuned outset of its heavy dynamics, the track strays from the more typical realms of the previous Sia infused vocal stronghold. Placing anthemic chords and rapid synths upon the backbone of this eclectic club outing, their second coming makes for a far more organic injection of illustrious club fuel for the debut release of David Guetta’s new Jack Back Records label. Already buzz charted and conjuring significant attention on the live club circuit, Guetta and Romero have done it again, sealing themselves a solid collaborative sequel of uninhibited energy.

David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis [Jack Back Records] – Beatport Link

David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis

Words by Dan Carter