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French up-and-comer David Hopperman brings his A-game yet again, joining forces with Zürich-based Jashari for the release of this long-awaited floor filler. As his Crytical installment on Sebastien Drums’ Work Machine imprint has pioneered his ascent gloriously to date, Hopperman pops a throbbing remix for ADDK’s new single open, featuring a robot-like vocal from Rashelle. Flipping from a symphonic break into a dark, thunderously dashing beat and killer baselines, this cut out of Combo Entertainment’s newest release, entitled Beat Goes Bad, this one would surely make any body shiver.

ADDK feat. Rashelle – Beat Goes Bad (David Hopperman & Jashari Remix) [Combo Entertainment] – Beatport Link


French up and comer David Hopperman brings his game yet again, joining forces with Zürich-based Jashari to presents us a new floorfiller. As his most recent Crytical gained fame to Sebastien Drums’ Work Machine imprint, ready to launch two stunning remixes of the hit, Hopperman pops open a fresh remix for ADDK’s new single featuring the voice of RashelleBeat Goes Bad. Representing D-Tracks Industry, this remix has all the ingredients a peak-timer should – built up brilliantly with a smooth, catchy beat, emerging a destroying beat, graced with a monster of a bassline. It’s due out November 7th, have a listen!


Not only is he being topical with tracks such as Bounce and Struggled, David Hopperman recently fired away a preview of a brand new track called Budokan, which was crafted alongside Jashari. The track is supposed to be released very soon on Interlabel Music, have a listen!