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Those seeking new land amid the vast sea of modern Electro House enthusiasts have leapt at the aural motions of Joe Garston of late. With a successive spree of stern yet overtly melodic club offerings behind him for German label Plasmapool, the Liverpool based producer drops his seventh single release of the year in the form of ‘American Wasteland’.

In a somewhat rare feel good extension of the genre, Garston’s uplifting melodic surges are matched with a sturdy collection of ultra-treble synth leads to spark one of the more powerful British offerings to the digital market of late. As the Mersey’s affinity for eclectic club talent grows more and more promising by the year, Garston’s fresh-faced Electro stylings are sure to make for a promising post-summer season for this rising British asset.

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Returning to the forefront for round six of his successful signing to the imprint of Miles Dyson, Joe Cain, better known as Joe Garston, follows up the Hardwell-approved ‘Random Hero‘ with yet another well-crafted gem for Plasmapool. In the same vein as his previous comings to the label, ‘Forever’ sees the Liverpudlian blend melodic lead play with intricate Electro House to make up a solid sixth signature original to his belt.

While the excessive flanger use that complements one section of the track may at times be a bit too much, the overall infectious and distinguished sound may not outshine that of its predecessor but makes for further believes that Garston is one of Plasmapool’s most dexterous producers to date.

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Joe Garston – Forever


Following on from the release of ‘The Promise’ and more, Liverpool’s Joe Garston returns for round five of his unprecedented studio outlet through Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool imprint. If 2011 and ‘Top Of The World’ in particular taught us anything about this rising Plasmapool protégé, it is that as far as intricate electro-house oriented productions are concerned, Garston is well worth the extra attention.

For his freshly unveiled third release in 2012 then, Garston blends an utmostly playful synth-ish sound with an enigmatic setting of wobbles. Despite running with a sound very similar to those of its four predecessors, this Liverpool resident continues to prove that there is something untiring and highly infectious about Plasmapool’s signature sound if you will.

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Making his debut in mid 2011 with the somewhat sensational ‘Top Of The World’, it’s safe to say the arrival of Liverpool’s 20 year old Joe Cain, better known as Joe Garston, has caused some serious stir in clubland lately as he now ups the ante for his third single outing on Plasmapool, the Germany-based record label also responsible for the upbringing of Mord Fustang and Miles Dyson among others. Reminiscent of his aforementioned debut release in its intricate build-ups and ravishing appeal, The Promise is far beyond just a fairly unkown producer’s effort to establish a name in this competetive industry but rather a noteworthy contribution to an experimental face of electro-house. Producer and record label alike have played fairly large roles in the movement of Dance music over the past six months and as this new single is an excellent showcase for sharp sounds and the popular way of borrowing elements from various genres within Electronic Dance Music, both Garston and Plasmapool kickstart the new year in glamour.

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