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The amazing Italian DJ/producer duo Daddy’s Groove is coming to Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow for their first gig EVER in Sweden. Expect a huge night from the duo, who has made remixes together with the superstar DJ Axwell of Walk With Me and Nothing But Love. They’re also behind the massive Diamond Life remix, which got released last month!

A DJ Battle will also take place this great night! Four contenders are battling for the warming up the crowd before Axwell on Saturday. The contenders are: Sam Heyman & Leonard Müller (b2b), Jonatan Brager Sidén, Alex Garcia and DJ F. Each contender will get 10 minutes to show their skills in a warm-up set and an additional 10 for making a main act set. We have our usual vip guest list for this night, which will grant you a free entrance before 00:00 if you sign yourself up on it! Just send an e-mail to and mark the mail by ‘Vip Guest List’. The mail must include your full name and age to be accepted, for example: Jason Smith, 21. The guest list closes at 21:00 tomorrow evening. Hope to see you there and have an outstanding night!

Jason Smith is a fictioned name, we apologize if it caused you any inconvenience

When: 29th of September, 23:00-05:00, September 30th
Where: Solidaritet, Stockholm in Sweden
Age: 19+
Main Act: Daddy’s Groove
Supporting Act: Chris M
DJ battle contenders:
- Sam Heyman & Leonard Müller (back2back)
- Jonatan Brager Sidén
- Alex Garcia
- DJ F
- Adrian Lux
- Groove Society
- Daddy’s Groove

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