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Off the back of remixes for the likes of Deadmau5, Panama and Kris Menace, Danish producer Kölsch, more commonly known as Rune RK, makes a long-awaited return to the original production front with a new two-track EP for Kompakt.

From the intimate melodies and subtle grooves of “GoldFisch” right through to the scattered melodic spots and traditional low-end undertones of ”Zig” – his humble abode to the German friend that first got him into the world of electronic music – there is something inherently effortless and sincere in Kölsch’s approach that leads the ‘Speicher 75′ EP with unmistakable soul.

Out today on Beatport.

Still riding on the remnants of his unparalleled 2011 release ‘Opa’, Danish producer Rune RK returns under the guise of his acclaimed techno moniker Kölsch for a re-interpretation of Sydney band Panama’s ‘It’s Not Over’.

Borrowing heavily from the original’s light piano play and mellow vibe, Kölsch adds a slow-burning Techno-like beat to create a darker remix that stays true to the soulful effort put in by Panama.

Out now on Beatport.