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Following on from the highly-successful original release late last year, Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s ‘Easy‘ receives a fresh coat of paint courtesy of a diverse remix package featuring the likes of Modek, Lemaitre and Botnek.

Maintaining much of the original’s vocal work and uplifting vibes, Modek’s ‘Bright As Day’ remix takes the lead with bubbly synths and swift hi-hats, turning ‘Easy’ into an upbeat House gem in it’s own right. In an equally stellar manner, elusive Norwegian duo Lemâitre are on hand with their signature vintage synths and feel-good vibes, leaving it to Botnek to round out the package with an electro house rendition.

Out today on Beatport.

A year down the line from launching their ‘Relativity’ EP series with a strong four-track release, elusive Norwegian duo Lemâitre are back with an equally stellar third instalment. Teeming with the same ambitious sounds and intricate melodic stylings that have carried their reputation from the outset of their meteoric rise, ‘Relativity 3′ sees Lemâitre gain yet further momentum with a mature and meticulous release. Despite their lack of experience, this Electro-tinted release of energetic vigour and carefully constructed chord play shows that their somewhat short time on the scene has served their studio dialect incredibly well.

Out now on iTunes.

Having taken their forward-thinking sound to the charts and back, elusive Norwegian duo Lemâitre return onto the radar with an official remix for Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s ‘Easy’.

Touching on yet more of the rising producers’ maturely refined sound, this Electro-tinted remix showcases their signature blend of bubbly lead play and feel-good vibes. Bouncing off the vocals with uplifting melodic play and those vintage synth spots we now associate with the duo, ‘Easy’ is given a dignified remodel that extends the hysteria surrounding this evident contender for the throne of European House sovereignty.

Out April 14th.